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We're a platform that helps Muslims (the largest charitable group in the world) give to charity.

Active Roles

Why join us?

  • User growth:

    2017/Year 1: 1,700 users 2018/Year 2: 18,000 users (YOY growth: 958%) 2019/Year 3: 52,000 users (YOY growth: 188%) 2020/Year 4: Expecting 200,000 users

  • Donations raised:

    2017/Year 1: $145k 2018/Year 2: $1.8M (YOY growth: 1141%) 2019/Year 3: $5.5M (YOY growth: 205%) 2020/Year 4: Expecting $20M

  • Revenue growth:

    2017/Year 1: $20K 2018/Year 2: $90K (YOY growth: 350%) 2019/Year 3: $250K (YOY growth: 177%) 2020/Year 4: $1.3M (YOY growth: 420%)

Engineering at MyTenNights

Technical Challenges

All of our donation activity happens during just ten nights of the year. Each user makes ten separate nightly transactions during a 10pm-2am donation window. In 2020 we think we'll process around two million transaction over the last ten nights of May.

There is no second shot at these ten nights. The tech needs to work and scale. Problems need to be fixed within minutes or hours.

Tech stack

Working at MyTenNights

  • We're product-driven. We expect engineers to think about

We think good engineers are practically self-managing. We expect a steady stream of results from our engineers - and in return we offer flexibility

Everyone in the company is product focused - we know what the product

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    We give 25 working days a year but we're pretty loose with how we track that. If you deliver results you'll find we're laid back with your holidays and travel plans.

  • Travel

    We try and do one big team meet somewhere exotic each year. It's always good to put faces to names in remote teams, so we also organise some travel throughout the year for people to work together in person.

  • Flexible Hours

    We have morning standups that we expect engineers to participate in, but beyond that we're flexible providing people's hours don't cause bottlenecks/really slow response times.

  • Work from Home

    We're all remote. You can work from home or we can help cover some of the costs of a co-working space.

Our Team by the Numbers

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