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We’re a very small team attempting to make a big music service. Myxt is building an application and suite for managing music files, workflow, listening, reviewing, payment, sharing, and annotation for digital creators and their collaborators and close-knit fans.

We’re building products that will broaden access to and impact on personal expression. Our work would influence how people make and share art they’ve spent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours to craft. As a result we must be a team who are as enthusiastic about carefully shaping how and when people share their work as addressing challenges of product scale and usefulness.

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Why join us?

  • Experience. Our team started and developed very successful, popular software projects. Among us we started Google Reader and helped build the early success of companies like Stripe and Twitter. We're ready to start another project with the same scope of impact.

  • Investor support. We have runway to fully test our ideas thanks to investment from established Silicon Valley investors (e.g. Accel Ventures) who got involved due to belief in our abilities and our plan.

  • One of the most fun fields to work within. We're working in a fun, creative field that could positively change how audio everywhere is created and enjoyed. If you join, you'll be working to support rappers, composers, singers, producers, beat-makers, teachers, and anyone who lives to make a sound.

Engineering at Myxt

Engineering team and processes

We're a small engineering team covering everything from data processing to frontend and working off of semi-weekly releases. Design is communal, though often led by the head of product. Everyone in the company helps test releases, acting as company-wide QA. All engineering projects are maintained within Github's issues tracker. When the team size grows we'll be using pull requests both for reviews and to manage code updates. Every engineer can lead a project, especially if it reflects a strong desire and capability.

Technical Challenges

Quickly processing and streaming audio

In creator tools, convenience and speed are the first measure of a product’s usefulness. Myxt’s appeal will depend on its ability to manage audio quickly so that using our service is always an improvement over using an assemblage of scattered tools. The time-to-first-listen is extremely important and needs to be as short as possible while bulk file importing needs to be fast enough to keep workflows from having task bottlenecks.

Managing large-scale activity in groups

Myxt has multiple fan-out challenges as our group experiences grow. To name a few: we need to reasonably guarantee asynchronous message delivery, provide uninterrupted streaming of a single audio source to many clients, and provide that same streaming and message experience to multiple groups simultaneously.

Keeping an excellent user-friendly experience while streaming

Achieving this is difficult. Even in the best of circumstances a good user experience is hard to make and only results from many different disciplines iterating together based on research and feedback. But additionally, Myxt will need to carefully manage client resources to allow for uninterrupted streaming while editing, commenting, or annotating. Utilizing good thread or worker management may be crucial to keeping the application experience from stuttering or halting while playing (or importing) audio.

Projects you might work on
  • The best clips for sharing Implementing new sharing experiences for existing social media (e.g. Discord, Twitch) such that an audio post or story has better player features or visualizations.

  • Smart audio groups Expanding Myxt's audio processing to do audio classification while also taking security into consideration and finding ways for audio creators and managers to have smart playlists, or auto-generated rooms.

  • The world's best lyrics editor Building a lyrics scroller and editor that acknowledges the current offerings and experiences in modern streaming apps but improves on the visual result. We'll have to make this work fast and seamlessly on both our mobile app, too.

Tech stack

Working at Myxt

We work on improving services for millions of creatives. That matters and makes our day-to-day job meaningful. We are a tightly-knit team with a strong sense of camaraderie and appreciative of good humor and ambitious ideas. We are diverse and multicultural. And we believe in keeping high standards for our conduct and our work.

Diversity and Inclusion

We prioritize inclusion and have started the company with this in mind, our founders come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and we're currently gender-diverse as well. (Well, there's only just two of us right now.)

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Myxt has an unlimited PTO policy with a mandatory 1-week minimum per quarter.

  • Flexible Hours

    We prioritize productivity over hours-counting. We like consistent stand-ups, but also like hours that work best for you.

  • Work from Home

    Myxt is a 100% distributed team and we have all been working from our homes since the beginning.

  • LGBTQ+ friendly

    We think inclusivity is a fundamental part of building any kind of music-related service.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    Have a newly born, adopted, or fostered child? We want to support you. All paternity and maternity leaves are paid.

Our Team by the Numbers
Engineering team

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