Product Engineer

New York, NY, United States

Narrator AI

Role Location

  • New York, NY, United States


< 10 people


110 Wall St Unit 807
New York, NY, 10005, US

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • React
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL
  • AWS Lambda

About Narrator AI

Narrator is a data intelligence company that equips decision makers with personalized actionable insights. More simply, Narrator is a fully managed, scalable data system, and comprehensive data analytics tool.

Companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify independently reached the same conclusion: as a company scales, making decisions with data requires a single data model. Narrator empowers our clients to leverage this new approach, understand their customers, ask questions only data can answer, and analyze data across all their systems using our simple proprietary Universal Data Model.

For each of our clients, we pipeline all of their data sources into a data warehouse and transform all of this data into one model: customers doing actions (the Universal Data Model). Given the simplicity and consistency of this data model, our clients can ask complex questions across their entire data system.

Narrator's AI, MAVIS, enables any client to ask Does this data matter? and get their answer as an in depth story: analysis with plots, descriptions, and insights backed by data science expertise. Having every company use the same data model enables us to build a library of algorithms that any new or existing client can leverage, thus truly democratizing data.

Company Culture

We have a very open and honest culture.

Everyone is comfortable giving feedback to everyone (especially to our CEO), and we don't take things personally: we're all sensitive of each other's feelings.

We are laid back enough to have fun in a professional environment.

We love lunch. We make sure to always eat lunch together everyday away from our desks. In fact, our lunch discussions often cover how we as a team fit into society/tech/data/startup worlds at large.

We're not a traditional startup. We don't expect people to be working 24/7 until their eyes turn red and they don't know what day it is.

We also love voices. You'll often find us doing very poor accents and impressions.

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