San Francisco, New York
11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$5M - $10M Funding
Series A

We're building the platform for people and their doctors. Imagine a platform where you can connect with your dentist, dermatologist, internist, cardiologist, and more all from one place. And where your providers can connect with and coordinate care on you, all from one place.

  1. Our first step in this mission has been giving doctors the very first Patient Experience Management platform - so they can provide the seamless and modern experience their patients have come to expect.
  2. Our second step in this mission will be to provide a platform for people to connect with their doctors.
  3. Our third and final step will be to scale the product and platform into millions of users.

Here's some of what we already accomplished: 1. Supporting 4M patients today 2. $7M+ in venture funding 3. $Ms in revenue 4. Profitable

Working at NexHealth means truly having a positive impact on our healthcare system and our society in general. These are just not buzzwords. These are values we live by here every day at NexHealth.

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Why join us?
  • We have a unique problem which is high demand from the market, but not enough people to support that demand. We want to stay as small and nimble as we can to move as fast as possible.

  • We're one of the fastest growing healthcare software companies in the country. We're growing 4X YoY all while staying profitable. You may ask most startups about their runway. At NexHealth, you will never have to worry about runway.

  • We have an NPS of 74 (same as Apple's)! Our customers absolutely love us and root for our success. Of course, happy customers always ask for more. So you will get to work on features that our customers will use from day 1. You will get to deploy weekly, monthly and see your work out in the real world.

  • You will solve some of the most complex technical challenges we face as we go into blitzscale growth mode. Healthcare is historically an old and slow industry with 70s tech still dominating it. NexHealth is one of the few companies helping to modernize it. However, this means we face significant technical challenges. We'd love for you to help us solve those technical challenges. NexHealth will probably be some of the most challenging and rewarding work you will ever do from a technical and non technical perspective.

Engineering at NexHealth
Engineering team and processes

We want engineers to take ownership of their role, we don't like to micromanage. We encourage autonomy and have an interdependent team. We're currently a small team of 3 engineers who work closely together. Our engineering process resembles an agile practice, prioritizing speed to iterate quickly.

Technical Challenges

Some of the challenges we are dealing with and working on soon to improve our software and client experience:

  • Supporting, maintaining and installing thousands of distributed sync agents installed on client servers. We're looking to make this as hands off and automated as possible while being manageable for clients all across America and Canada
  • Ingesting tons of data from client Electronic Health Record systems and staying in sync near real time
  • Integrating with a wide range of medical practice management softwares, sometimes requiring reverse engineering
  • Sending millions of messages concurrently per month
  • Securely reconciling patient records from different customers that belong to the same patient
  • Supporting complex appointment booking and scheduling workflows custom to each doctor's office
Projects you might work on
  • You would get to work on our sync architecture that would capture millions of data points every day

  • You would build a patient facing web app from scratch

  • You would get to decompose our monolith in favor of micro-services

  • You would get to migrate over to AWS to utilize the latest developments in cloud technologies to support a highly scalable infrastructure

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Working at NexHealth

At NexHealth, we're mission driven. We're a small team with a mission to get our products in the hands of every person that sees a doctor. If we can achieve our goal, it will change the world. We believe we're the Edisons, Fords, and Karl Benzs of our time.

We like to work with people who are independent thinkers and entrepreneurial go getters with a real sense of urgency. Here are our values:

  1. Customer obsession: Every decision we make is with the customer in mind. Happy customers are always a winning strategy.

  2. Meritocracy and honesty: We believe the best ideas always win. However, in order for the best ideas to win we believe every team member needs to be blunt, honest, and bring problems to surface even if it means making your teammates uncomfortable.

  3. Hustle: In order to change the world and achieve something great, we believe you need to get more done with less. Work harder, longer, AND smarter.

  4. Be yourself: You're allowed to be your true authentic self at NexHealth. We talk about all sorts of ideas and topics at NexHealth, from politics to SpongeBob Squarepants. And through it all, you're okay to be your true self.

If this culture and mission excites you, we'd love to work with you :).

Health Insurance

We provide full medical and dental insurance.

Team Activities
Free Food
Pet Friendly
Beautiful Office
Company Retreats

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