Integrations Engineer

New York, NY, United States • $80k - $160k • 0.01% - 0.50%



Engineering NY

Role Location

  • New York, NY, United States


  • $80k - $160k
  • 0.01% - 0.50%


11 - 25 people


188 Grand St Apt 2
New York, NY, 10013, US

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL
  • Angular.js

Role Description

We at NexHealth understand that we are all patients, and our mission is to make every patient experience better. Our values represent the basis of our culture of customer-obsession, transparency and trust. This defines how we want to interact with each other and the world.

NexHealth's patient experience management platform enables practices to offer patients a 2020, One Medical, VIP experience by integrating with existing Electronic Health Record systems seamlessly, securely and efficiently. We've integrated with 30 different Electronic Health Record systems in the Dental, Dermatology and Medical spaces serving thousands of doctors all across America and Canada, with millions of patients who have used NexHealth. We're on a path to high growth, especially as we expand to other specialties in healthcare and we need to continue to build integrations and applications that scale accordingly.

As an integrations engineer, you'll be solving one of the hardest problems in healthcare - data fragmentation. You'll be helping to connect data from disparate systems and build the platform for the future of health. Your work directly impacts and opens up new opportunities for underserved markets to improve the patient experience. You'll find innovative ways to extract, transform and load data from various Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. You'll also build infrastructure to handle and manage this data in a distributed fashion.


  • love to own projects from end to end, executing on designs involving fellow engineers
  • are a savvy person with a reverse engineering mindset
  • love working in a fast paced environment and can conform to change quickly and efficiently.
  • stay organized and focused under pressure
  • want to build a product millions of people use
  • want to change the landscape of healthcare
  • want to have a say in the company direction and build a culture in a small team


  • Collaborate with other team members to continue to scale our architecture, taking into account the needs of today while remaining flexible enough to evolve for the needs of tomorrow
  • Participate in all phases of SDLC - requirements, design, and development through testing, deployment, maintenance and support.
  • Create new microservices and help decompose our monolith
  • Build integrations with various client side healthcare softwares that include various SQL databases, APIs, scraping web pages and reading binary files.
  • Implement seamless deployment processes for distributed NexHealth agents on client servers
  • Build our data warehousing and management infrastructure
  • Extract new data points based on new features in our product

Preferred Experience:

  • 4+ years of professional experience in Python (we're interested in your ability to solve problems than the language used to solve those problems)
  • Experience with various SQL flavors (MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, Sybase, etc)
  • Web scraping
  • Experience integrating with 3rd party APIs
  • Experience with building out an ETL pipeline
  • Experience with AWS lambda, beanstalk, RDS and more
  • Experience building out a distributed system
  • BS in Computer Science or relevant experience
  • Experience in implementing CI/CD, and improving/building development processes and tools for developers
  • Healthcare IT
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including pairing
  • Effectively give and receive feedback, both positive and constructive

Your day will consist of:

  • Daily standups to stay in sync for a fast moving team
  • Implement solutions through the entirety of the SDLC, including testing, deployment, and operationalization
  • Designing solutions to feature requirements as prioritized by Product Management
  • Working with customers to solve bugs and integrations issues
  • Troubleshooting production issues as they arise and building a more fault-tolerant system
  • Reviewing fellow engineer’s code prior to shipping
  • Pairing with other team members, embracing a culture of collaboration and mutual respect to solve complex problems
  • Create generic solutions to complex problems

About NexHealth

We're building the platform for people and their doctors. Imagine a platform where you can connect with your dentist, dermatologist, internist, cardiologist, and more all from one place. And where your providers can connect with and coordinate care on you, all from one place.

  1. Our first step in this mission has been giving doctors the very first Patient Experience Management platform - so they can provide the seamless and modern experience their patients have come to expect.
  2. Our second step in this mission will be to provide a platform for people to connect with their doctors.
  3. Our third and final step will be to scale the product and platform into millions of users.

Here's some of what we already accomplished: 1. Supporting 4M patients today 2. $7M+ in venture funding 3. $Ms in revenue 4. Profitable

Working at NexHealth means truly having a positive impact on our healthcare system and our society in general. These are just not buzzwords. These are values we live by here every day at NexHealth.

Company Culture

At NexHealth, we're mission driven. We're a small team with a mission to get our products in the hands of every person that sees a doctor. If we can achieve our goal, it will change the world. We believe we're the Edisons, Fords, and Karl Benzs of our time.

We like to work with people who are independent thinkers and entrepreneurial go getters with a real sense of urgency. Here are our values:

  1. Customer obsession: Every decision we make is with the customer in mind. Happy customers are always a winning strategy.

  2. Meritocracy and honesty: We believe the best ideas always win. However, in order for the best ideas to win we believe every team member needs to be blunt, honest, and bring problems to surface even if it means making your teammates uncomfortable.

  3. Hustle: In order to change the world and achieve something great, we believe you need to get more done with less. Work harder, longer, AND smarter.

  4. Be yourself: You're allowed to be your true authentic self at NexHealth. We talk about all sorts of ideas and topics at NexHealth, from politics to SpongeBob Squarepants. And through it all, you're okay to be your true self.

If this culture and mission excites you, we'd love to work with you :).

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