NS8 Inc.

101 - 250 employees
26 - 50 engineers
$100m+ funding
Pre-series a

NS8 is a comprehensive fraud prevention platform that combines behavioral analytics, real-time scoring, and global monitoring to help businesses minimize risk. Our patented scoring technology provides actionable data about the type, quality, and trustworthiness of transactions, which businesses can leverage to automate fraud management workflows to suit their individual needs. NS8 also offers supplemental data through third-party extensions as well as seamless integrations with industry-leading eCommerce platforms that enable businesses to begin fighting fraud within minutes.

Why join us?

  • We're blowing up and need a hand keeping everything together on this wild ride. Our company went from about 27 people to 130 in the past year. We expect to double in size this coming year as well.

  • We've got funding but our revenue is killing it too. Our numbers are out performing the projections in our last pitch deck - and we all know how lofty those can be.

  • Our CEO is a developer of over 20 years and has additional founder and CEO experience with fast paced startups. Needless to say, he gets it and the business under commits so development can over deliver.

Engineering at NS8 Inc.

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team uses Agile and works off of 2 week sprints. Sprints start with a planning session to estimate stories, continue with daily standups and end with demos to show off what everyone built and get feedback. Code is checked into Github where pull requests are reviewed by a teammate before being merged. We have a fail fast mentality to streamline development with a continuous delivery pipeline using Docker and CircleCI.

Technical Challenges

We're building a platform that can allow outside development teams to integrate our products into their eCommerce platform or integrate their complimentary product into our product suite. In addition, we plan to enrich our fraud scoring algorithm with machine learning to continually improve and provide a best in class option for online fraud prevention.

Projects you might work on
  • You could work on machine learning to improve our scoring system over time.

  • You could work on our AWS Lambda architecture to allow outside development on our platform while also protecting us from security risks that it inherently creates.

  • You could work on scaling data services to accommodate the load that our enterprise clients will create.

Tech stack
AWS Lambda

Working at NS8 Inc.

We value everyone's input and wouldn't be hiring you if we didn't think you were smart and can provide immense value. So if you have a great idea for any facet of the business to improve, we want to hear it.

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours

    We care about getting the work done and being responsive if a teammate needs you, not some time clock. If you have an appointment or like to pick up your kid from school - go for it. We understand.

  • Work from Home

    This position is for remote work but if you happen to be in Las Vegas and want to work out of our office, that's cool too.

  • Health Insurance

    The company offers a range of medical, dental and vision plans and contributes $400 a month.

Our Team by the Numbers

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