Senior Full Stack Engineer

Boston, MA, United States • $120k - $151k • 0.2% - 0.6%


Role Location

  • Boston, MA, United States


  • $120k - $151k
  • 0.2% - 0.6%


< 10 people


Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Tech Stack

  • Python
  • Flask
  • Vue.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Bootstrap

Role Description

👋 Request for Senior Full Stack Engineer Hi! We’re Paul, Ross, and Sean. We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer who wants to help us build the OnRamp platform. We have great momentum: a cutting-edge product in market, paying customers, and our first round of fundraising complete. 😊

📈 What’s in it for me? As our second technical hire, you’ll work with us to build a company and its technology from the ground up - and be a critical part of that story! For the near future, you’ll be working closely with a fellow senior engineer: writing code, determining and solving for the engineering org’s needs, capacity planning, working with contractors, etc. At the same time, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in many facets of the business, including: speaking to customers, developing an integrated product roadmap, contributing to our go-to-market strategy--and more. As our company grows, there will be a ton of opportunity to grow alongside us.

💡 What will we be working on? OnRamp is a collaborative onboarding management platform helping B2B SaaS companies provide world-class onboarding to new customers.

🤔 Why are you working on this? Let’s make this visual -- check out our New Venture Pitch here! TLDR: Churn and retention are crucial metrics for every SaaS company and are reported at every board meeting. The #1 reason customers churn is because they were never implemented properly. If they never got value out of a platform in the first place, of course they’re not going to renew. We think there’s an obvious opportunity to correct this.

🏃‍ What stage are you at? After 12+ months of customer/industry research and validation of our MVP, we’ve spent the past few months building a completely overhauled platform. We find ourselves now launching this groundbreaking new product in Q4 with some great feedback and momentum for it already.

💰 Have you raised any money? We closed our first round of institutional VC funding in spring 2020 with some of the best seed investors in the industry, which has provided us ample runway. We were named runner-up at the HBS New Venture Competition. And we have deep connections within the VC industry for future financings.

🤹 What skills do you bring? Leadership and Knowledge: We live the pain every day! Ross and Paul met as colleagues at Hightower (now VTS) where Paul led the team onboarding new customers onto the platform. Since then, Paul went on to lead Customer Success at while Ross ran day-to-day finance and operations at Hightower/Bombas and got his MBA from HBS (‘20). We have a broad skill set across sales, success, strategy, finance, fundraising, team-building, and operations.

Sean has experienced this pain too - as a founding team member / tech lead at Numerated he helped to digitize and bring onboard big banks (no easy task!). He brings over 20 years of experience as an engineer across a variety of industries.

🤺 What traits should I bring? Building & Iterating in Code: You want to move fast and are comfortable with lots of trial and error. We are in an exciting, fast-paced build mode, so you want to generate, prototype, and iterate on ideas as we expand our product offering. You want to be close to customers, to get to know them, and understand them. You know what pitfalls to look out for and can guide us to help make decisions on speed, stability, and scalability.

Our stack includes Bootstrap/Vue on the front-end, Python/Flask for all the business logic, and Postgres/RDS for data storage. Additionally, we host at AWS leveraging EC2, RDS, SES, and more. You’re an experienced pro working acrossfull stacks at fast-growing modern companies and looking for real ownership and challenge across it all (but we’ll give extra points if you’re particularly comfortable with front-end work!).

Demonstrated Ownership: Ideally, you have 5+ years working in a technical role. While in your role, you have taken initiative on an idea or owned a particular project through to completion. You think strategically, love measuring outcomes, and are always thinking about ways to improve. You are a trusted colleague amongst your peers and those who have worked for you (if applicable).

🔨What will we do? Build to Product-Market Fit: This is the fun and chaotic part. We’re taking an experimental, hypothesis-driven approach. We will primarily be building and testing new features with our customers in as scrappy a way as possible, while maintaining and optimizing our current product. Outcome would be a growing set of customers who continue to love our offering.

Build a Company: We want to create a company we’re proud to work at. This means both a deep commitment to improving the work lives of our customers (and their customers) and an “above-all-else” attitude to our own team members. We want to make this the best work experience of all our lives.

🤝 What do I do if I’m interested? You can apply through Angellist or email us at or (or both!). For now we’re all remote of course, but we anticipate being in-office in Boston once we’re all back to normal. We’re committed to finding the right next person for us, so while Paul is in Denver and Ross and Sean are currently in Boston, we want to speak with you wherever you are!

About OnRamp

OnRamp is software that helps teams infuse world-class customer onboarding into their DNA. Using OnRamp, new customers are invited to a powerful, collaborative web experience that guides them to success, with everything they need in one place. The result is healthier customers, improved productivity, and higher net retention.

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