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Origin currently offers 4 products in the following spaces: Social Media Management, Social Media Analytics, Chat Stories, and Location Tracking. Each space has anywhere from 10 - 1,000+ competitors. Our goal is to be an alternative and work toward being #1 or #2 in each space. Since the barrier to entry is low for the spaces we enter our overhead costs are also low, allowing high profitability. The goal is to enter up to 100 different software spaces over the course of the next 5 years. We currently service millions of users on a monthly basis through our 4 released products who use our products for anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes a day.

Why join us?
  • We're profitable and have a scalable business model.

  • We're working on building out 25 different products and platforms in the next 3 years.

  • We're a small team, you get to create the standards for future team members.

Engineering at Origin Enterprises, Inc.
Engineering team and processes

We are looking for an engineer that can create a structured engineering process.

Technical Challenges

We're building out in house analytics tools to help us gage the viability of product features, customer retention, competitor sales and customer growth to figure out our own projections.

Projects you might work on
  • You will build from scratch an in house end to end solution to manage all our products sales, revenue, and customer information.

  • You will build dependencies based on commonly used features in each of our various products and platforms.

  • You will work on setting the standard for engineering and engineering processes.

Tech stack

Working at Origin Enterprises, Inc.
Work from Home

We work Fridays from home and essentially have a 3 day weekend every weekend.

Flexible Hours

We are in the office usually by 10AM, and leave around 5PM or 6PM. If you want to work from home some days, it's not an issue. It's about productivity, not hours.


We take the team on an end of year retreat every year. Last year we went to Thailand for 8 days.

Free Food

Free Lunch every day 4 days a week and unlimited snacks in the office.

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