Pachyderm Inc.

501+ employees
501+ engineers
$25m - $50m funding
Series b

Love Docker, Golang, Kubernetes and distributed systems? Pachyderm is an enterprise data science platform that offers Git-like version control semantics for massive data sets and end-to-end data lineage tracking and auditing. Teams that find themselves struggling to maintain a growing mess of advance data science tasks such as machine learning or bioinformatics/genomics research use Pachyderm to greatly simplify their system and reduce development time. They rely on Pachyderm to do the heavy lifting so they can focus on the business logic in their data pipelines.

Pachyderm raised our Series A led by Benchmark (, so you'd be getting in right at the ground floor and have an enormous impact on the success and direction of the company as well as building the rest of the engineering team.

Why join us?

  • We're a very engineering-centric team, working on challenging problems that have never been solved before. If you like really hard algorithmic problems and being part of an engineering-first team, Pachyderm will be a great fit.

  • We're funded by top-tier firms including Benchmark Capital. Our board member did the Series A of MongoDB, Mulesoft, Elastic and Benchmark is also in Docker and Confluent — so when it comes to open source B2B Enterprise, we get grouped in with some of the best of the best.

  • The Pachyderm founders were some of the first engineers at RethinkDB and were part of the data science infra team at Airbnb. We know how to build and manage Open source product and communities while also having experience running data science platforms at scale.

Engineering at Pachyderm Inc.

Technical Challenges

We're building a data versioning system that tracking and manages petabytes of data. We also run massive scale kubernetes clusters as part of our hosted offering with hundreds of containers and data pipeline running in parallel.

Tech stack
Distributed Systems

Working at Pachyderm Inc.

Very collaborative and engineering-centric. We love solving hard problems and and are very careful not to introduce undue process onto to engineering teams.

We're a remote-friendly team so top-notch communication skills is something we interview for heavily as it's essential to our culture and success.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited Vacation Policy

  • Pet Friendly

    Pet friendly offices

  • Flexible Hours

    We understand that engineering work hours can vary widely. Other than Noon PST standup, work hours are very flexible within US timezones.

  • Work from Home

    We're a remote-friendly and work-from-home friendly team.

  • Free Food

    Snacks and drinks galore provided in the office. Lunch provided 2 days per week.

  • Health Insurance

    Full medical, dental, vision coverage with a top-tier plan.

  • Relocation

    While Pachyderm is a remote-friendly team, we also offer relocation assistance to anyone who wants to move to the bay area for the job.

Our Team by the Numbers

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