Frontend Engineer

San Francisco, CA, United States


Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


26 - 50 people


981 Mission St
San Francisco, CA, 94103, US

Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • Rea
  • VueJS
  • Code copy-pasted from Stack Overflow

Role Description

Frontend is the part of our stack we push the most to the limits. Checkout Padlet Maps ( A lot of frontend magic made them possible. Maps like these have never been done before.

We have many more challenges like that on our roadmap.

About Padlet

We are easily bored. It's the one thing that unites humanity in 2020. No one wants to read twenty paragraphs of text, or sit through forty verbose slides. Yet, we keep making them, boring everyone out of their minds.

We are building more beautiful and fun alternatives to traditional documents. They're less of a pain-in-the-ass to create, and a lot less waterboard-y to view.

Checkout a Padlet timeline (, or a Padlet map ( to see what we're talking about.

Over ten million people all over the world use Padlet. Most satisfyingly, for millions of kids, Padlet is their first experience of creating things on the Internet.

People say we are improving education. People say we are making them more creative. People say a lot of things.

Company Culture

Act always as if the future of the Universe depended on what you did, while laughing at yourself for thinking that whatever you do makes any difference.

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