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At Palantir, we’re passionate about building software that solves problems. We partner with the most important institutions in the world to transform how they use data, bringing our world-class software platform to bear against complex data environments in order to solve existential threats. Our software has been used to stop terrorist attacks, discover new medicines, gain an edge in global financial markets, and more. By integrating all their data into one platform, organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors can solve problems they never could have before.

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Why join us?
  • We seek out hard problems at places that matter. We solve them by shipping products that work, today. They have to, because the stakes are real. People rely on our products to do their most important work, which means they rely on us to build things the right way. We make products for human-driven analysis of real-world data. We don’t mine data. We don’t collect data. We don’t build one-off solutions.

  • We've only built a fraction of what we've imagined. As our company evolves, so will our products and the ways in which they transform how people and organizations interact with data. There's so much left to build.

  • Small teams, unlimited imagination. There are no leashes at Palantir. We work on flat, decentralized teams, each with decision-making authority, and our people have the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively. We've intentionally chosen this path over a traditional hierarchy, and it works much more often than not.

Engineering at Palantir
Technical Challenges

Data integration is the seminal problem of the digital age. For over ten years, we’ve helped the world’s premier organizations rise to the challenge.

Our work is incredibly complex, touching on computer science, data science, software engineering, public policy, good governance, large-scale distributed systems, user behavior, efficient use of resources... to name a few. It would be easy to get hyper-focused on some small aspect of this large universe and spend way too much time and resources on perfecting something that’s good enough already.

By always staying focused on the problems our users are trying to solve, we clarify our own thinking about the right way forward.

Projects you might work on
  • Palantir Foundry radically reimagines the way enterprises interact with data by amplifying and extending the power of data integration. With Foundry, anyone can source, fuse, and transform data into any shape they desire. Business analysts become data engineers — and leaders in their organization’s data revolution.

    Foundry’s back end includes a suite of best-in-class data integration capabilities: data provenance, git-style versioning semantics, granular access controls, branching, transformation authoring, and more. But these powers are not limited to the back-end IT shop.

    In Foundry, tables, applications, reports, presentations, and spreadsheets operate as data integrations in their own right. Access controls, transformation logic, and data quality flow from original data source to intermediate analysis to presentation in real time. Every end product created in Foundry becomes a new data source that other users can build upon. And the enterprise data foundation goes where the business drives it.

  • On the back-end, the Palantir Gotham platform comprises a suite of capabilities for integrating many different data sources for secure, collaborative analysis. The platform serves as an enterprise knowledge base, containing the full record of an organization's collective analysis.

    On the front-end, Palantir Gotham provides a suite of integrated tools optimized for semantic, temporal, geospatial, and full-text analysis. Users can drag and drop data objects from one application to the next for a frictionless, multi-faceted analytic experience.

  • The Deployment Infrastructure team's goal is to accelerate the end-to-end engineering lifecycle at Palantir by building tools and platforms that make it easier to create, deploy, and iterate on secure and highly available software. As a Software Engineer on the Deployment Infrastructure team, you will reimagine how our company builds and deploys software and how we use data to make decisions, then build the products and infrastructure to enable that new approach.

Tech stack
Apache Spark

Working at Palantir

THE BEST IDEA WINS: If you have a great idea and the will to see it through, you can effect great change. Nothing is off limits—we’re constantly looking for improvements in our products, our processes, and our people. All voices are equal here—we hire people to have an opinion and be creative. We’re intolerant of politicking, ego, and power brokers. If your idea makes the most sense, that’s what we’re doing, regardless of your role or seniority.

NOTHING IS PERMANENT: We iterate obsessively on everything we do, always collecting new information about the right way to solve a problem. Existing components and processes are supplanted by new, better solutions as they become apparent. For those who built the thing being discarded, this is a cause for celebration not sadness. Replacement is viewed as success: we have now reached the next plateau of functionality and design and iteration begins anew.

KEEP FOCUSED ON THE MISSION: We view software as a means of effecting change in the world, not as an end unto itself. Our mission is to help our users, the people doing the hard work on complex, real-world problems. We do this by writing software that enables effective analysis against complicated, data-driven problems.

Generous Vacation

We work extremely hard at Palantir but sometimes we need time to breathe. For those times, we have a take-what-you-need vacation policy. This policy is designed to align our vacation policy with the value system of the company. If you’re sick, stay home. If you need time off, work it out with your team and get prior approval from your lead.

We observe standard holidays and take an additional 2 week winter break at the end of December.

Free Food

The Palantir kitchen prepares daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with organic ingredients sourced locally. Our chef plans a new menu every week with options for carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and Paleo- tirians alike. Come meal time, you can see what’s featured in our dining areas or attend a special occasion at the Chef’s Table, a multi- course gastronomic adventure. In between meals, if your favorite snack is missing from your closest micro-kitchen, let us know and we’ll be sure to find it.


We empower you to choose your own path to health and wellness, and offer a monthly subsidy to use for any wellness-related activities of your choosing. We want you to take care of yourself in the way that fits you best - your wellness should be a priority. Not sure how to use it? We have a host of activity groups that get together to run races, bike, exercise, wrestle, do yoga, zumba, and cross-fit.

Pet Friendly

Palantir is a dog-friendly workplace – our furry friends are even listed on our company directory!

Maternal/Paternal Leave

We offer generous paid parental leave (16 weeks for primary caregivers and 4 weeks for secondary caregivers) to bond with your new family member and catch up on sleep. We also give “baby cash” ($10,000 USD) to offset some of the expenses new parents face, and help with things like childcare, family members traveling for the birth/adoption and anything else that might come up.

Health Insurance

We want you and your families to live healthy, active lives. Palantir offers medical plans for employees and their domestic partners, spouses and/or children (up to age 26) that include: Blue Shield EPO, Blue Shield PPO, and Avidia Health Savings Account (HSA). Not sure what to pick? We can help you compare plans. We also have an employee recommended list of physicians. Check it out when you get here.


Boxes, cross-country trips, new landlords, oh my! Palantir will cover the costs of shipping household goods, temporary housing, and travel for you and your dependents if you relocate 50+ miles within 1 year of your start date.


Living near our offices reduces your commute, allows for more frequent interaction and get- togethers, and encourages a stronger Palantir community. If you live within a certain radius of our office, we offer a monthly subsidy to offset the cost of rent (commute times measured with GoogleMaps).

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