Production Engineer

New York • $100k - $240k


Role Location

  • New York


$100k - $240k


501+ people


15 Little West 12 Th St
New York, NY, 10014, US

Tech Stack

  • Java
  • AngularJS
  • React
  • Apache Spark
  • Elasticsearch
  • Hadoop
  • Cassandra
  • Spark
  • AWS
  • Typescript
  • Redux
  • PostgreSQL
  • Angular.js
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Go

Role Description

The Role

We’re looking for Production Engineers who can help us design, build, and maintain high-performance, scalable, reliable services for our production infrastructure. We strongly believe in engineering teams being responsible for the operations of their services in production. In this role, you’ll work closely with engineers to advocate and participate in sensible, scalable, systems design and share responsibility with them in diagnosing, resolving, and preventing production issues.

Core Responsibilities

Design, build, and maintain the core production infrastructure used by all of Palantir's teams. Own a particular infrastructure problem space - for example, bare metal provisioning, cloud provisioning, monitoring, networking, storage, or service containerization. Participate in operations, including an on-call rotation. Help debug, improve, and optimize critical backend services. Think about systems — their edge cases, failure modes, and life cycles.

What We Value A deep knowledge of Linux, or all layers of the networking stack. You should be confident discussing in detail what’s going on throughout the stack. Ability to identify toilsome manual tasks and automate them away. Comfort with large scale production systems and technologies - for example, load balancing, monitoring, distributed systems, or configuration management. Strong coding skills in at least one programming language (e.g. Golang, Java, Python, etc) and a desire to pick up more. Strong understanding of storage systems (e.g. Cassandra, Etcd, Kafka), container runtimes (e.g. Docker, CRI-O, katacontainers, firecracker), monitoring systems (e.g. Prometheus, InfluxDB), networking systems (e.g. NGINX, Envoy, service mesh), and Kubernetes or similar technologies.

About Palantir

Are you an engineer who wants to make an impact? At Palantir, we’re passionate about building software that solves problems. We’re working to build a future in which public institutions, commercial enterprises, and non-profit organizations can use data to function as they were designed — to fulfill the mandates with which they’ve been entrusted, to deliver value to customers, and to distribute aid to those most in need.

Company Culture

The best idea wins. No matter what team you’re on, Palantirians approach every problem with an engineering mindset. We speak up when things aren’t right, evaluate ideas on their merits, and fix what’s broken. All voices are equal here — we hire people to have an opinion and solve problems, regardless of their role or seniority.

Own the outcome. We are in the business of delivering outcomes. Whether you’re on a dev team, a business team working with customers, or an internal team helping other Palantirians, success isn’t a matter of following procedures or checking boxes — success is delivering something that works. That’s why we work on flat, decentralized teams, each with their own decision-making authority, and empower our people to own their own outcomes.

Focus on the mission. We view software as a means of effecting change in the world, not as an end unto itself. Our mission is to empower our users, who are grappling with hard problems across public health, manufacturing, defense, and disaster relief. We do this by writing software that enables those people to more quickly, easily, and accurately harness data to do their jobs.

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