11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$5m - $10m funding
Series a

Pathlight ( was founded by two entrepreneurs who wanted to tackle a challenging and unsolved problem: managing people every day is really hard and no one has built software to help.

After selling their last company to Yelp, they started noticing that managers in every department were struggling, regardless of how experience they were. Engineering managers weren't able to flag, diagnose, and manage anomalous behavior. Sales and Customer Service managers had 20 tabs open in their browser just to figure out was going on. Every single one of them was reinventing the wheel and their teams were suffering because of it. After all, who hasn't had a bad or stressed or too busy manager?

Trey and Alex realized that, for the first time, there's enough data available for software to help intelligently manage people. The idea for Pathlight was born.

Pathlight ingests behavioral data from systems like Salesforce or Github, translates that into human-centric intelligent insights, and allows managers to triage in one click (or automatically) to drive the right behavior consistently. The result is highly effective, efficient managers who spend more time being a human and leading their teams to success.

Our Stage: We're at this exciting inflection point – we've shipped product, have users that love us, and have just raised our Series A from a Top VC, but the team is still super small, with a lot of opportunity for ownership and leadership. Joining Pathlight now means becoming part of the founding team of engineers, each of whom will have a massive impact on the product, platform, engineering culture, and company itself.

Our Values: We live and breathe the following 5 values:

Customer Obsession - we’re dedicated and singularly focused on making customers successful (and we believe that we can do it, too). From our product to our customer service to our content, we always try to go above and beyond. We can only build a successful company if our customers LOVE us.

Raise the Bar - we are always looking to raise the bar and improve. Our product should be better today then it was yesterday, our customer service should always be improving, and every new hire should raise the bar. We can always be better. We are hungry to grow. We want to work with ambitious people with high expectations.

Own It - You are directly accountable for some things and indirectly accountable for all things. When you see something you want to change, own it. “Not-my-job attitudes” aren’t for us: we admire, recognize, and reward people who do the opposite.

Fast and Thoughtful - We are in uncharted territory, and we need speed, creative thinking, and rigorous analysis to capture this new category. We favor action in everything we do: development, customer issue resolution, decision making, meeting follow-ups, etc. When we are right, we win and continue pushing. When we are wrong, we learn, adjust, and are better for it.

Employee Success – we are all responsible for ensuring every employee is successful. That means trusting each other’s intentions, collaborating, pressure-testing thinking and vigorously debating (for the right reasons and while remaining civil), lifting each other up, being transparent and honest and humble, and having fun.

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Why join us?

  • We're creating a new category of software that helps manage people every day. It's incredibly exciting to see your work positively effect the daily lives of employees across the globe.

  • 20x'ed user base in first month of 2019 - join us as we start taking off.

  • Joining Pathlight now means becoming part of the founding team of engineers, each of whom will have a massive impact on the product, platform, engineering culture, and company itself.

  • This is the second startup for cofounders Alex and Trey. Their first was acquired by Yelp.

  • Highly collaborative engineering environment where your ideas are valued and you have true ownership - not only of the tech stack but of company culture and key strategic decisions.

  • The majority of our investors are top executives at the largest and most successful tech firms (Uber, GoPro, Box, Pinterest, etc). We recently raised a Series A from a top tier Silicon Valley VC (unannounced).

Engineering at Pathlight

Engineering team and processes

Every engineer on our team works across the entire stack. One day they could be shipping a highly-requested feature and another day they could be knee-deep in infra or data engineering. We run 2 week sprints and pride ourselves on our ability to ship high-impact features very quickly.

Our advisors and investors often remark on our team's pace and quality of work.

When you're moving fast and experimenting, you'll inevitably try things that don't work. Every 4-6 months we hold a Purge, where we try to cut 10%+ of the product and remove as many lines of code as possible.

Technical Challenges

We are building a system that distills millions of data points about each employee into prioritized, intelligent instructions, like: John is doing a little better this week. He's still struggling with ABC but he's really performing well on XYZ. This analysis needs to be correct, insightful, and be generated as fast as possible.

When you're building software that helps manage people, you need to get things right. There's nothing worse than the system making generating false negatives (saying someone is effectively failing when they are actually passing).

Projects you might work on
  • There are hundreds of insights generated from a 500 person department every day. Develop a prioritization model that will show managers the top 3 things they need to address at any given time. The manager should feel like they never have to look at a dashboard again, because we will always make sure they know what's going on.

  • Build a service that looks at behavioral data from Salesforce and determines if an employee is going to quit.

  • Design a new syncing protocol that will instantly analyze performance across 20 metrics for a 2000 person call center, every minute.

Tech stack

Working at Pathlight

We value solving hard and interesting problems with great people.

Everyone at Pathlight can expect the following:

  • You will have a seat at the table.
  • Your projects will be core to the company's success.
  • You will collaborate with founders and peers daily.
  • Your unique viewpoints, questions, and ideas will be encouraged.
  • You will help us hire amazing colleagues.
Perks & benefits
  • Pet Friendly

    We embrace well-behaved pets in the office. Henri, our CEO's dog, is often found sitting on team members' feet at their desks, and occasionally sits in on meetings to offer important perspectives.

  • Flexible Hours

    Most of our engineers are in the office around 10am, but we don't have any hard and fast rules around this. We encourage you to be in the office when you can, but completely understand the need for occasional work-from-home days.

  • Team Activities

    Rock climbing, cooking classes, popcorn happy hours, more traditional happy hours, eggnog festivities, competitive Bananagrams, and one epic handstand contest, after which our walls never looked quite the same.

  • Health Insurance

    Medical, dental, and vision coverage.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    Our two founders have become fathers in the last year. We know it's hard work, and want to ensure you have the time you need to take care of new additions to your family.

  • Generous Vacation

    We really do want you to take vacation.

  • Free Food

    Our weekly all hands features catered lunch.

  • Work from Home
  • Relocation
  • Workshops/Conferences
  • Company Retreats
Our Team by the Numbers

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