Peregrine Technologies

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$5M - $10M Funding
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We create technology to help governments transform the way they respond to disasters, medical emergencies, and crime. We do this through real-time collaboration, openness, accountability, data integration, and respect for people’s personal freedoms.

Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We have an amazing team that is dedicated to improving government, fire & rescue, law enforcement, and criminal justice.

  • Our customers love our product. For agencies that have been sold bad technology time and time again, it's incredible to see how well-crafted software can augment their jobs.

  • Within the first year, we signed multiple high value contracts with law enforcement agencies around the bay area. We've successfully partnered with states to augment their response to natural disaster and medical emergencies. Selling to government is notoriously very difficult and slow. Our speed speaks to our experience in selling to government and our ability to build great products.

Engineering at Peregrine Technologies

Engineering team and processes

Our engineers operate with a high degree of autonomy and work closely with teams embedded with our clients. Typically, we work in one week cycles and have one planning meeting every Friday. We believe in robust testing and writing quality code. We move fast, but we operate in a context where errors have real impact on people, so we take time to ensure correctness.

Technical Challenges

Whether working on the backend, frontend, or both, our product deals with serious technical challenges. Fundamentally, our goal is to empower government agencies with integrated data while protecting and securing that data.

We visualize millions of data points on maps, networks, and tables. The analysis we have requires thoughtful engineering to ensure scalability, but also careful attention to the user experience and security.

Projects you might work on
  • Building a system that processes video into text so that it can be searched by users.

  • Give users the ability to search data along a path that has been drawn on a map.

  • Scale our architecture to alert on newly ingested data that matches complex filters.

Tech stack

Working at Peregrine Technologies

We value people who are self-starters and proactively work to improve code, processes, and systems. We aim to be humble, good listeners, and respectful.

Perks & benefits
  • Gym/Fitness

    We give a $100 stipend each month for wellness.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We encourage and support engineers to go to two conferences a year.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical, dental, and vision coverage.

  • Beautiful Office

    We are located right off the Montgomery BART station. We have a simple and sleek office.

  • Relocation

    We offer relocation stipends for people moving from out of state.

  • Social impact driven
  • Prioritizes diversity in hiring

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