Phil, Inc.

< 10 employees
< 10 engineers
$10m - $25m funding

We're a platform to help pharmacies manage their patients who take recurring medications. We partner with pharmacies, they handle the filling and logistics of medications while we build the software to make everything more efficient and match them with patients. We're not a pharmacy ourselves, we're a marketplace like Airbnb.

Engineering at Phil, Inc.

Technical Challenges

1) We have 5 different apps, 3 web apps and 2 mobile apps. We've built a lot of workflow software to manage the state of prescriptions/refills and keeping this in sync across all the apps.

2) We've build a rules based engine to manage the process of refills and maintaining state, using an in-house meta programming language.

3) We have to connect with a number of back-end APIs/services to connect. Doing this reliably, while also scaling our infrastructure as we grow is a great challenge to work on.

Tech stack

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