Piñata Farms

11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

We are a team that has been responsible for some of the biggest cultural and tech successes of the last 10 years, spanning mobile, social, video, AR, gaming and music. We are now in stealth mode using computer vision, developments in mobile hardware and consumer tech to build a new generational phenomenon. We are backed by the top Silicon Valley VC's and some of the most influential strategic investors in media, tech, and pop culture.

Active Roles
Why join us?
  • We are a team that has been responsible for some of the biggest cultural and tech successes of the last 10 years, spanning mobile, social, video, AR, gaming and music. We've played big parts in the growth of Twitch, Snap, Musical.ly, TikTok, and key Amazon divisions along with numerous pop culture moments.

  • Backed by the top Silicon Valley VC’s and some of the most influential and powerful in tech, product, growth, hip hop, pop music, gaming/esports, meme/internet culture, latin culture

  • Perfect balance of top engineers and very strong business and pop culture execs. They are not kept separate but rather work together to build our products. Our engineers can work on shipping a product and our pop culture staff can make it go viral and become a hit within 24 hours. The balance between tech and and our understanding of consumers and pop culture is at the core of our company we can natively speak both tongues.

Engineering at Piñata Farms
Engineering team and processes

The Piñata Farms engineering team organizational structure is flat. We own our data ingestion/cleaning/filtering pipeline, the machine learning model training pipeline, the client, and the backend. We believe strongly that keeping these core components in-house allows us to communicate better and build a more robust product.

We have a weekly sprint planning meeting where we talk through the previous week, and plan individual tasks for the coming week. This allows engineers to have a holistic understanding of what is being worked on at the company. For example - folks working on the user-facing client have an understanding of challenges currently being faced by the CV team. Our philosophical focus on this big-picture understanding of the product by all engineers is one of the reasons why Piñata Farms is an exciting place to be.

Technical Challenges
  1. Our stack relies heavily on neural networks for various types of inference. This comes with some unique challenges on both the technical and interface fronts. If inferences are incorrect, do we focus on improving the network, or adding a pre/processing step? Or, do we gamify the system and let the user manually correct any issues? Does the quality of inferences change between single images and videos? If so, how do we account for this. Processing takes time. In videos, this time is relative to the length of the video. Do we show a spinner and wait for all data to be available, or allow the user some naive interactions until the processing is complete?

  2. We rely on layering of content & preserving those layers for the consumers of that content, not just the producers. For example - placing a sticker on an image preserves the 2 layers rather than simply rendering out a new image. This comes with some very interesting questions around what an efficient and extensible metadata structure is - for both images and video.

Projects you might work on
  • Integrate a new CV algorithm into the client We have a new neural network in the correct format for integration (for iOS - mlmodel). The input is some image that we need to pre-process. The output is a texture that we need to post process, and visualize in a designed UI element. This project would involve building an efficient module for pre/post processing as well as the inference. Finally - hooking this module up to the client UI and testing for functionality, and corner cases where inference is faulty. This involves some back and forth between you, the designer, and pm to come up with solutions for how to deal with the various edge cases.

  • Implement a full featured chat If you could design and build chat from day one, how would you do it? What tools would you use? What features would you add, how would you handle notifications, batch notifications, etc.? How would you deal with embedded content and links? What would you do to differentiate from the myriad of other chat platforms? How would you deal with a poor network connection (or no network for that matter)?

  • Work with a designer to create an immersive onboarding experience On-boarding in apps is typically boring. Phone number, email, username, permissions, etc. Video-games do this much better - learn controls, go here, check out this, go over here and win at this task. At Piñata Farms - we want to create an immersive and engaging onboarding experience that draws you into the PF universe. We want to teach you something entirely new - and let you use that new-found knowledge to create fun & interesting content that you wouldn’t have been able to create before. This project involves working closely with our designer and PM to build this engaging on-boarding experience.

Tech stack

Working at Piñata Farms

Fun, edgy, trendy, lots of laughing, solving tough problems and impacting culture

Beautiful Office

Century City in amazing part of LA!

Company Retreats

At best places in LA :)


we work to make you a better exec

Health Insurance


Team Activities

yes. we have a very active network in LA so many cool events

Work from Home

we just care about you doing your work. if need to wfm here and there its all good!


we're flexible here for right candidate

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