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101 - 250 engineers
$100m+ funding
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Plaid is focused on democratizing financial services through technology. We build beautiful consumer experiences, developer-friendly infrastructure, and intelligent tools that give everyone the ability to create amazing products that solve big problems.

Thousands of companies such as Robinhood, Acorns, Stripe, and Venmo, and a growing number of Fortune 50 companies, choose Plaid to deliver a best-in-class user experience so that they can create the next generation of applications. But we’re just getting started...

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Why join us?

  • This is a tremendous opportunity to build a generational company.

    We’re a platform. Platform companies are rare. In our case, most of the current wave of fintech innovation (over 1,700 applications) uses Plaid in the background to connect with the financial system (10,000+ institutions). That's helping hundreds of thousands of people connect their apps to the financial system via Plaid, every day.

  • You wake up knowing that what you do matters and makes the lives of everyday people better.

    Banks have not built good products for people, and we’re a crucial part of making that experience so-much-better. Every app that is making a difference in Fintech uses us: Venmo, Square Cash, Robinhood, Coinbase, Lending Club, Acorns, Activehours, Dave, etc. If you’re an engineer at Plaid, you are not just answering the “how” we build, but also the “what”.

  • Financially, we control our destiny.

    We have stellar cash flow and margins. Every yearly cohort we have (since inception in 2013) is still growing tremendously year over year. Our churn is negative in a huge way (can’t say more, but we will share more after the onsite interview).

  • You'll join a very strong engineering and collaboration-focused engineering culture.

    We’ve attracted a ton of amazing people who have built successful companies (FB, Dropbox, Quora, Airbnb) before. It's a lot of fun to learn and contribute to the core part of the company’s success.

Engineering at Plaid

Engineering team and processes

We operate on two-week sprints, with quarterly goals used to tie our work to our company mission. On the backend, engineers own the “why”, “what”, and the “how” as teams operate without PMs.

Engineers, tech leads, and engineering managers are responsible and accountable for coming up with the right impactful projects that align with our bigger goals.

Inside of teams, we work collaboratively in small units working on a project/goal — we take writing specs, getting feedback, being honest with one another, and pushing our limits very seriously.

Moreover, we take extreme pride in our high-ownership culture. Engineers own everything from design to implementation to release to communication.

We don’t have a ton of process right now (140 engineers) and understand those things that are best solved by people, culture, or process.

To find out more:

Technical Challenges

We've built a large distributed systems framework for building abstractions over complicated and outdated financial infrastructure, supporting all 12k banks in the US, and more internationally. Our connections to banks need to be high bandwidth and low latency, which creates a bunch of interesting technical challenges that we need to solve to do it well:

We have to get really efficient (tooling, frameworks, etc.) when it comes to building integrations in order to do all 15k sustainably.

We have to find the right data models that both support the complexities of all of these institutions, but are also simple enough to expose to our own clients. That means both challenges around how we standardize data and how we think about the state in our distributed processing system.

Not to mention, we’re growing rapidly, which means scaling our systems to match. We're using a modern stack, Go and Typescript, and we don't have much technical debt.

Projects you might work on
Tech stack

Working at Plaid

We value cross-team collaboration and diversity of thought. There's always an opportunity to learn from each other outside of day-to-day work, whether it's company-wide off sites, internal hackathons, or co-worker meetups.

In Engineering, we value humility, high-ownership, a focus on impact, transparency, and being shipping obsessed.

We have diverse backgrounds and skills, but we're all passionate about building a more efficient and inclusive financial infrastructure—together.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Free Food
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Beautiful Office
  • Pet Friendly
  • Company Retreats
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Flexible Hours
  • Team Activities
  • Transportation
  • Health Insurance
  • Work from Home
  • Relocation
  • Workshops/Conferences
  • Other

    100% Modern Fertility Benefit

Our Team by the Numbers

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