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Pre-Series A

We're building a new type of product design/dev tool, similar to Sketch/Figma on the surface, but based on code. This unlocks a host of powerful features even for current design workflows, but also enables building full-fidelity prototypes and products—something currently accessible only to the tiny and privileged sub-population that knows coding.

Active Roles
Why join us?
  • We received strong (outlier) funding offers from a number of top tier VCs. We're lucky to be working with a very senior GP from our lead investor, and we the support of amazing angels/funds like Steven Sinofsky (Visual Studio, Windows, board partner at a16z), Joshua Goldenberg (Slack, Palantir), Andrew Wilkinson (MetaLab, Dribbble), and many more.

  • We have a team of three. We've previously built startups where we've raised over $35mm and built/ran teams of engineers from MIT CSAIL, Stanford, Harvard, Google, FB, Palantir, YC, MSR, and more.

  • The company stage is very early, pre-product, but we have enthusiastic early feedback. Our mission is to push the envelope of what's possible in our design and development tools, and to radically lower the barriers to building full-fidelity prototypes and products.

Engineering at Plasmic
Engineering team and processes

We use...

...code reviews as a way to ensure code quality and spread learning.

...daily standups to keep the team on the same page and share our ongoing struggles. sprints for a tight iteration cycle. documents to map out product designs and engineering designs. review sessions to deliberate new product work or approaches to problems.

Technical Challenges

Deep understanding of state management is a core problem in complex frontend engineering, esp. performance and latency (e.g. 60fps drag operations) while scaling to large canvases, and keeping developer velocity high.

Real time collaborative editing: see for instance Figma's approach (

Typescript: this is what we use to build the studio, but also behind the scenes, this design tool is continually refactoring the codebase for each canvas, so it leverages Typescript's extensive language tooling.

Electron: for bottom-up distribution in organizations that have policies against adopting cloud tools.

Tech stack

Working at Plasmic

Give we are a very new company, this is something you would be directly involved in helping us shape. Not just the culture, but all aspects of the product direction, team, business, and more.

Flexible Hours

We care about productivity and not hours. We usually try to schedule any meetings between 10a-5p when others are around, but outside of that we are flexible, esp. due to our work-from-home culture.

Work from Home

Most of the team works from home.

Health Insurance

We provide full medical, dental, and vision coverage.

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