Pocket Gems

Sf, sydney
251 - 500 employees
51 - 100 engineers
$100m+ funding
Series c

We're one of the leading mobile entertainment companies. We develop great mobile gaming experiences that are new and novel in both concept and technology. We have two main studios within our organization:

  • Core Games — Here we develop social and real time games using our own custom built 3D engine (instead of off the shelf tech like Unity) so we can build a greatest mobile gaming experiences in the world.

  • Storytelling Platform — This is an engine that lets anyone create their own choose your own adventure and fiction games. These are now consumed by millions of people.

Why join us?

  • We're operating at huge scale — Our mobile-first visual storytelling platform is the largest in the world and it's grown 7x over the past year. Over 6 million storytellers have signed up to create their own stories and over 60,000+ stories have been published to our public network. Our largest social game, War Dragons, has grown 7x over the past year and uses our own 3D engine Mantis.

  • We're working with great parnters — We've secured partnerships with some of the largest media companies in the world, like Warner Brothers and Paramount, to create unique and branded mobile experiences for their brands.

  • You'll get to work on hard problems — Building real time, social games at scale is very hard and we have a lot of hard, meaty technical challenges.

  • We have a fun and distinctive culture — Our culture is unique and everyone, including engineers, get directly involved in our creative process of designing games. You also get a lot of autonomy as small teams (pods) come up with their own ideas for games, rather than a top down hierarchy dictating what we should build. We're also well known for hosting a huge halloween party each year with 500-600 people attending and we have an internal competition to be the MC :)

Engineering at Pocket Gems

Technical Challenges

Launching games where players collaborate in real time with super low latency even over slow or spotty networks is incredibly hard. We care a lot about building the best mobile experiences in the world and are prepared to build our own technology from scratch to achieve this

Tech stack

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