Project Ronin

East bay, la, ny, remote, seattle, sf, silicon valley
51 - 100 employees
11 - 25 engineers
Private funding

We’re building a cancer insights engine that cuts through the noise and enables personalized, evidence-based clinical decision making. We are doing that in four ways: 1. Making patient-reported outcomes and symptom tracking easier with our mobile app (allowing the oncologist to recognize patterns). 2. A physician platform that surfaces the best evidence and insights at the point of care. This is designed to be the tool physicians love and is easily integrated with any EMR(electronic medical record) system. 3. Data insights engine that is making predictions and informing the dr with the most up to date information on care for that specific type of cancer. 4. A dynamic feedback loop so that our data and insights continue to grow, evolve, and improve over time.

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Why join us?

  • We are tackling the largest and most expensive issues in healthcare today, cancer care. With the number of patients rising from 1.7 million to over 2 million in 2020 oncologists and patients need more intuitive platforms and meaningful recommendations as to the best course of care. At Ronin that is our #1 commitment.

  • Founded by Dr. David Agus the leading oncologist in the United States and funded by Larry Ellison the CTO of Oracle. Project Ronin has built a team from the leaders in digital health ranging from One Medical to 23andMe.

  • Patients are at the heart of everything we do, we want to improve the length and quality of life for those dealing with cancer. We look for individuals who align strongly with our mission and want to work on a product that has a positive impact on others lives.

Engineering at Project Ronin

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering teams are formed as cross-functional pods that focus on a specific business area. Each pod consists of Engineers, Product Manager and Designer who work together and cross-functionally to ensure that features and products are built the right way.

We value bringing together key stakeholders from across the company to accomplish our shared goals. Working collaboratively allows us to build connections while strengthening our understanding of our users. Engineers work with stakeholders in Data Science, Clinical Intelligence, Compliance, Product, and Business Development to help design and build our products.

We have a strong focus on quality to ensure that the users we service, the patients, are protected. While we value urgency and moving quickly, we also favor doing things the right way as opposed to the fast way. We would rather ship the right thing late than push something out that could affect someone’s life in a negative way. We foster an environment that is blameless, psychologically safe, and collaborative so folks feel safe to experiment and push things forward.

We follow agile planning with weekly sprints and retrospectives. We share information with each other candidly and are passionate about achieving our mission and highlighting each others’ success.

Technical Challenges

We are building a full platform that moves from mobile to oncology dashboard. This whole platform is rich with data.

Projects you might work on
  • Our Android and iOS apps enable patients to report their symptoms for their care teams to monitor. Our apps are built for patient safety and security to comply with HIPAA privacy regulations. Since the patients rely on our apps for their health safety, we’ve to ensure our systems are always responsive and resilient. We have a strong focus on software quality and validation of deliverables through automated testing.

  • We are creating data platforms to enable rapid application development and integration with external customers and 3rd parties. Our team can rapidly switch gears to choose the right set of tools/tech-stack for the job in hand. We deal with the data aspect of enterprise backend systems. Collaborating with other team members is a large part of our workflow.

  • We seek to reduce uncertainty in cancer care, specifically through bringing data to physician decision making, and ultimately predicting care outcomes to drive the best possible results for patients

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails
Azure Cloud

Working at Project Ronin

As a healthcare company, our goal is to create technology that will serve billions of patients on their journey to a prolonged and meaningful life. With that in mind, we strive to offer the best benefits possible at our size. Our goal is to remove obstacles so you can do the best work of your life, live healthily, and feel supported by a company that truly cares about your overall well-being.

Inclusivity, humor, and transparency are the corner features of our culture. From moving to being virtual we have created and maintained a focus on minimal meetings and team building events. We have done virtual 5ks, beer, and tea tastings as well as trivia games.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Health Insurance
  • Work from Home
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Team Activities
  • Dedicated Human Resources team
  • Pet Friendly
Our Team by the Numbers

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