Senior Software Engineer

Remote, San Diego, CA, United States • $150k - $200k • 0.01% - 0.02%

Prometheus Biosciences

Role Locations

  • Remote
  • San Diego, CA, United States


  • $150k - $200k
  • 0.01% - 0.02%


26 - 50 people


9410 Carroll Park Dr.
San Diego, CA, 92121, US

Tech Stack

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Unix shell
  • Python
  • Anaconda
  • R
  • Bash
  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow
  • xgboost
  • Pandas
  • Seaborn
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • sklearn

Role Description

Data Science and Engineering (DSE) is at the heart of Prometheus, the first company using precision medicine and machine learning to create better therapeutics for patients with GI and immune-mediated disease. We invite you to learn more about this exciting position on our team.


Are you a skilled, ambitious, and enthusiastic data scientist who wants to impact human health at the forefront of precision medicine and drug dicsovery? No medical, genomic, or scientific background is required. Rather, you have genuine excitement to address important biomedical challenges, write exceptional software, enjoy collaborating with brilliant scientists, and thrive as an early shaper of our organizational culture.

The emphasis of this role is on data infrastructure to enable curation, visualization, and analytics (including ML).

As a founding engineer in the DSE, you will:

  1. Provide expertise as we make organization-wide decisions about data formats, cloud infrastructure for compute and storage, and the rest of our technical stack.
  2. Build systems that:
    1. Clean, ingest, migrate, and organize complex multimodal data from a variety of sources and formats into a single source of truth in the cloud.
    2. Enable collaborators at academic institutions, and scientists at Prometheus, to update our central database as we enroll more patients and generate more data.
    3. Enable scientists and other non-developers to perform queries, summarize statistics, and visualize data from our consolidated database.
    4. Select data from a defined cohort of patients, load a desired subset of data, and train machine learning models (using GPUs in the cloud) to improve how we identify important data features and discover new medicines.
  3. Establish agile software development and data management best practices.
  4. Review other developer's code, provide feedback, and integrate suggestions from others.
  5. Write clear, accessible, and effective documentation.
  6. Support, train, and mentor engineers and data scientists.
  7. Collaborate with brilliant scientists (immunologists, cell biologists, etc.) across Prometheus.
  8. Identify and mitigate performance, scaling, or resource issues.
  9. Spearhead, plan, and carry out the implementation of solutions while self-managing your time and focus.

About you:

  1. 5-10 years of software engineering experience with a focus on data infrastructure.
  2. Fluent in Python and SQL, and feel at home in a remote Linux server session.
  3. Familiar with cloud compute and storage (GCP, AWS, Azure).
  4. Passionate about high code quality, automated testing, collaborative developer workflow on GitHub, and other engineering best practices.
  5. Concise and effective communicator (verbal and written).
  6. Share our vision for using the power of data and compute to positively impact the world.

Any of the following is a plus:

  1. Degree(s) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, or similar technical discipline.
  2. Experience with R and other bioinformatics tools.
  3. Knowledge about statistics and machine learning.
  4. Experience with RedShift, Snowflake, Databricks, Apache Spark.
  5. Familiarity with containers and data pipelining (Kubernetes, airflow/Kafka, Amazon RDS)
  6. Familiarity with infrastructure-as-code (Terraform, Helm)
  7. Experience with genomics, immunology, or any other field within biomedicine

About Prometheus Biosciences

The first company using precision medicine and companion diagnostics to create new therapeutics for GI and immune-mediated diseases.

Company Culture

Many of us have families. We usually leave work around 5-6 PM. We enjoy our weekends and imagine you feel the same way. However, as a rapidly growing company with big goals, we are really motivated to work hard and make a difference for patients.

Occasionally some of us stay late, or work on a Saturday. But this is always self-driven, rather than an unwritten expectation of the company.

We care about results, not sheer hours of effort. This is especially important for engineers and data scientists. We want Prometheus to be a place where you will do the best work of your career.

Our company values help align our culture. They are: - Focus on the individual patient.
- Be bold - no guts, no glory.
- Follow the science and the data.
- Engage in rigorous, honest debate.
- Let passion fuel progress.
- Be accountable to each other.
- Evolve continuously.
- Embrace moonshot thinking.

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