101 - 250 employees
26 - 50 engineers
$25m - $50m funding
Series b

We're a software platform that is redefining the way people buy and sell real estate by streamlining the closing experience, removing the stress from home buying, and making the entire experience transparent and efficient.

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Why join us?

  • We went from processing less than 1% of real estate transactions in 2017 to over 12% across the country now and growing rapidly. We're in a unique position to provide new and much-needed technology to the real estate industry that impacts every transaction.

  • We're the largest company built on Meteor and have developed amazing internal tools as a result, many of which go back into the community. Check them out from our CTO's recent Meteor Night talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAe8r8dVqhk

  • We're backed by Menlo Ventures, 8VC, and other top investors. Menlo Ventures led our latest $33M Series B round in March 2018.

Engineering at Qualia

Engineering team and processes

The engineering team is grouped into small subteams of 2-6 engineers, with one engineering lead and sometimes a product manager. Each subteam is responsible for either an entire product or some large portion of a product.

Our engineering team operates on weekly release cycles. Features are specced by the engineers collaborating with a product manager and the customer success team. At the end of each release cycle, code is reviewed and QA’ed. The new release is then gradually rolled out to customers over several days.

Technical Challenges

We have thousands of complicated, interdependent financial calculations that must run on every user keystroke. Implementing this in a performant and maintainable way is extremely difficult with classical approaches. We implemented a “Dataflow Programming” framework for solving this problem. It allows us to model our calculations as a large DAG (directed acyclic graph), where each node in the graph represents the output of a single calculation. Each calculation explicitly declares its dependencies and can be recomputed as a pure function of its dependencies. This simplifies separation of concerns, guarantees idempotency, and makes it simple to find the minimal subgraph that requires recomputation.

Projects you might work on
  • Build an e-signing feature that allows home buyers/sellers to sign real estate documents online.

  • Create a simple, eventually consistent in-memory search backend to support arbitrarily complex search queries.

  • Integrate with users’ bank accounts (pull transaction data) to automatically reconcile booked and actual account activity.

  • Build a simple chat application for our customers to communicate with their coworkers.

  • Implement health checks and self-healing for containers in our docker cluster.

Tech stack
Semantic UI

Working at Qualia

We value the ability to be scrappy while thinking through problems conscientiously and in a complete manner. People that excel at Qualia can take the initiative and work independently, are willing to take on the highest impact projects even if they are hairy or unglamorous, and can navigate the web fluently for solutions. Team members are also comfortable respectfully communicating their opinion, even if it's contrary to other team members' perspectives. We love when people are motivated to contribute to the team and deliver on projects that have a positive impact on the product or business goals of the company.

Perks & benefits
  • Free Food

    Employees take time to eat together and share conversation over a delicious meal from a local restaurant at our daily catered lunches.

  • Company Retreats

    Every winter we take a company retreat up to Tahoe. We rent the biggest cabin we can find to hang out, cook delicious meals, play games, relax in the pool and hot tub, and ski!

  • Flexible Hours

    Most engineers are in the office from 10am until 5 or 6pm, but we don't have any hard rules around this. If you need to work from home for an appointment or something else, feel free to do so!

  • Transportation

    We offer pre-tax commuter benefits accounts to use for transportation expenses. We have a fantastic office in downtown San Francisco, easily commutable from anywhere in the Bay Area by BART and MUNI.

  • Health Insurance

    We offer compensation and benefits packages including medical, vision, and dental insurance.

  • Team Activities

    Every Friday we meet at 4pm for one of four monthly meetings: company strategy, demos, guest speaker, and a happy hour on Thursday night that replaces the Friday meeting. Team members enjoy hanging out outside of work, whether going out in the city or doing something in the great outdoors. The engineering team also has all-day hackathons every few months!

  • Beautiful Office
Our Team by the Numbers

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