Senior Software Engineer - LAMP/PHP/MySQL/Laravel

Los Angeles, CA, United States • $110k - $140k


Role Location

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States


$110k - $140k


101 - 250 people


6420 Wilshire Blvd Ste 880
Los Angeles, CA, 90048, US

Tech Stack

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Spring MVC
  • Tomc
  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Webpack
  • Redis
  • Elastic Search
  • MongoDB
  • M

Role Description

As our Software Engineer, you will be working with our fullstack team to help build and maintain our yield optimization platform, workflow tools around creating and managing facebook ads as well as internal tools that support our data focused editorial and adops teams.

About Ranker

Ranker is a crowdsourced platform that attracts more than 30 million consumers visit a month to view, rank, and vote on broad opinion-based questions ranging from the Best Board Games to Hottest Celebrities to Best Inexpensive Cars, Ranker is the “Yelp for everything else” to consumers. Outside of a few verticals such as travel and restaurants, crowdsourced rankings are hard to find, even as consumer demand for opinion-based answers is far outpacing other queries.

A Quantcast Top 50 site, Ranker has built a solid, rapidly growing advertising and affilate ecommerce business as a publisher where consumers find highly credible, crowdsourced answers. Equally importantly, Ranker is a fully datacentric company - the enterprise value of our proprietary data may dwarf the consumer business. Our uniquely engaging interface (10% of visitors to votable rankings vote, on 21 items per visit) is the hook for a fully-semantic consumer data collection machine. This data produces continually updated rankings with intrinsic value far beyond regular pageviews and has in parallell built an “opinion graph” (people who like X also like Y, and think Z is expensive) with 6 million “edges”. Due to the datacentric way Ranker was architected, our graph is fully “clean” data, requiring no messy postprocessing or natural-language-processing. This data has immense value to market researchers, ad agencies, ad targeters, and other enterprise customers who derive value from consumer psychographics.

Company Culture

Though have been around for a while we still operate like a startup . Employees that like to wear many hats and be creative and forward thinking about solving problems are our ideal candidates. Our dev team is close nit (dev / product / qa) and we value not only technical skills but social skills as well!

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