Rare Bits

San Francisco
11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$5M - $10M Funding
Series A

Rare Bits is building a platform to mint, store, and exchange digital goods that are securely backed by blockchain technology. We're partnering with well-known brands and IP holders to bring this new type of asset class to the mainstream.

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Active Roles
Why join us?
  • Work with a small and experienced team that believes in a growth mindset and mentorship. The founders were previously the core team behind FarmVille and have had multiple exits each to companies like Google and Zynga. The team has all held senior roles at companies like Zynga, NerdWallet, Google, and Fan Duel and studied at elite institutions: Stanford, CMU, University of Illinois, etc.

  • We're very well funded ($7m raised, 3+ years of runway) by top tier VCs and companies: Spark Capital, First Round Capital, Ron Conway, Coinbase Ventures, Justin Kan, the founders of Twitch and Zynga

  • We're building the future. We have a legitimate mainstream use-case for blockchain technology and we're constantly inventing new UX and tech paradigms to make this tech easy to use. You'll have a ton of ownership over a variety of problems and work closely with the rest of the founding team to solve new challenges in this growing industry.

Engineering at Rare Bits
Engineering team and processes

Our eng team operates on 2 week sprints. We code review all check-ins, use unit testing, continuous integration, and git flow to ensure that we have a stable and smooth development and deployment cycle. In addition to the main product roadmap, we have an engineering roadmap that seeks to continually address eng debt and ensure that we're making our lives as engineers better every sprint.

Technical Challenges

We're building new user experiences using new technology (blockchain). This means that we need to invent new ways to store and deal with data and processes that may be unreliably async. Additionally, we're constantly looking for ways to simplify the user experience and mask the complexity of this technology from the end user. All this is to say that we have a

Projects you might work on
  • Much of our core ownership and exchange infrastructure runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain. You would help us write scalable and secure smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • We need to sync the blockchain to our local database in order to provide a fast and high quality user experience. We continue to build infrastructure to handle live syncing millions of events off of the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Our end user experience is a cross-platform web and mobile app that shares business logic. You would get to build and own full-stack features while working with our CEO, Product Lead, and Design Lead.

Tech stack
React Native
iOS Development

Working at Rare Bits

We're seasoned professionals that are eager to never stop growing and working with people that inspire us to be our best selves.

We support each other, show gratitude, believe in bringing transparency and authenticity to work, and making ego-less decisions.

We take pride in our craft and always put our users first in developing our products.

We're excited to work with like-minded people that want to do the best work of their careers, like to mentor and be mentored, and show up to work with a good vibe and a desire to work in a sustainable, healthy way.

Company Retreats

We spent a month in Tokyo building out and launching one of our products. The entire team came and had an opportunity to bond while eating incredible Japanese food. We plan on doing more retreats like these in the future.

Work from Home

We believe in treating our employees like adults and giving them control of their own schedule. We focus on outputs not inputs and if working from home helps you focus, do it!


Bringing a growth mindset is a core value of ours and we encourage our colleagues to attend workshops, read books, give talks at conference as representatives of the company to help them grow as people and improve their own personal brand.

Flexible Hours

We have very few standing meetings and encourage people to work the hours that suits them best. As a rough rule, most people come to the office at 10am on Monday for our weekly standup and as needed for other meetings.

Health Insurance

We provide full medical and dental coverage.


Can offer relocation based on need.

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