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26 - 50 employees
< 10 engineers
Private funding

It is our mission to build products that create genuine offline experiences and connection. Our contrarian hypothesis is that you don't need to be single or in your twenties to be inspired by people you meet or by cultivating a curiosity about the world.

We envision a world where you never stop learning from the people and cultures around you.

We came out of beta when we were featured at Vanity Fair's New Establishment summit in 2018 and have grown to 100 cities since.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Small but mighty team: you will have the opportunity to make a big impact working with our small yet talented team. We have former engineers and pm’s from companies that have built some of your favorite products, including Facebook, Flipagram, and Venmo.

  • Room for growth: we invest in your career. We believe that it’s important for you to not only work towards our company goals but to set goals for yourself. Your personal growth is something that we value investing in and we’ll do what we can to help you reach new benchmarks.

  • Constantly evolving product: as a startup, we’re constantly iterating on our product. Working here, you’ll have the chance to work across and be inspired by our teams while learning a lot along the way.

  • Los Angeles! If you live here or you're excited about moving here, Raya is the best platform to explore this city as it is the first city we launched and you'll be dropped in the middle of an amazing community of people in a city with a very rich cultural history and global influence.

Engineering at Raya

Engineering team and processes

We have a client (iOS) team of four engineers, each with 2+ years of iOS experience and a backend team of four engineers, each with over 5 years of experience.

We use github to ensure quality code reviews. Engineers are responsible for Q/A of their code, working with one of the company’s two product managers.

For the client team, we have two-week sprints on a two-week release cadence. We have continuous integration with a staging environment that has duplicated production data. Our project is mostly Swift, but there is some legacy Objective C code. For the server, we code primary in node.js and use Kanban to manage the prioritization queue. To get a sense, you can browse our team members on LinkedIn.

Technical Challenges

Because our mission focuses on high quality real world experiences, our people, location and events platforms are critical core technical components. We need to recommend the right people, place, and thing to you in order to get you off of your phone and into the real world.

Projects you might work on
  • Our product has an events recommendation algorithm that takes in a lot of direct data points, secondary data points, and the wisdom of the crowd in order to present the most interesting activities for you to attend.

  • Our product has a recommendations algorithm that suggests who should meet whom based on profile characteristics (text, data, video), preference indications, location, and previous engagement on the app and it needs to do this well, and quickly.

  • Our product has a places algorithm that suggests places (restaurants, coffee shops, stadiums) that serve as a GPS to exploring the world, personalized for you.

Tech stack

Working at Raya

When you walk in the office, you'll hear Bob Dylan playing lightly in one side and a lego roller coaster set on the other side. You'll hear light, excited chatter coming from the product rooms and maybe even someone on a ripstick zinging by. There are only two meeting rooms, but over 5 couch areas so we really spread out. The environment is warm and open. Team members work in 4x4 standing or regular desk pods and there is a ton of collaboration, unless your headphones are on! We are very transparent and the best ideas win and we are ok asking tough questions and debating product. We value energy givers, reliability, product thinkers and people who are here because the mission of connecting people in the real world excites them.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited Vacation and $1,000 Travel Stipend: we believe our team members should be cultured so we offer $1,000 towards international travel, ever year, in addition to unlimited vacation days - just make sure someone can cover your work by talking to your manager.

  • Free Food

    Grubhub/Postmates $50 a Day: everyday you can pick from a new nearby restaurant (we cycle them according to people's favorites) and custom pick what you want delivered to work for lunch and for dinner. If you want to order more, you can go beyond the $50 budget and get more food.

  • Pet Friendly

    We have a small dog in the office!

  • Travel

    Unlimited Vacation and $1,000 Travel Stipend: we believe our team members should be cultured so we offer $1,000 towards international travel, ever year, in addition to unlimited vacation days - just make sure someone can cover your work by talking to your manager.

  • Company Retreats

    Every quarter we go to a new place as a company. Past trips: Ojai, Las Vegas, San Diego.

  • Beautiful Office

    Our art deco building is inspired by the stories of our members, many of them who hail from the creative arts. The office is decorated like a beautiful warm living room with brass and rich fabrics. There is a lot of space as we have a full floor that opens from the elevator and and outdoor deck.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We love learning and helping you learn! Just ask!

  • Flexible Hours

    Join the 10:30am standup and work to get your stuff done!

  • Health Insurance


  • Team Activities

    Poker nights! Escape rooms! Comedy shows. We sample the in-person programs and events we help facilitate.

  • Transportation

    Free valet!

  • Relocation

    We offer a $5,000 relocation bonus.

  • Other

    Generous monitor and laptop policy! We invest in your setup and in high quality headphones for you.

Our Team by the Numbers

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