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Role Location

  • Remote



11 - 25 people


145 Brook Road
Sharon, MA, 02067, US

Tech Stack

  • Haskell
  • JavaScript
  • Docker
  • TypeScript

Role Description

Why Join Reach?

Disruptive & Transformative Industry Visionary Leadership Unrivaled Growth Opportunities Shape the Future

Reach’s vision is to bring blockchain to the world by unlocking its feasibility, practicality, and usefulness for the masses, not just specialist developers or wealthy corporations. Reach is a programming language and specialized compiler that allows full-stack developers to build decentralized applications at a fraction of the cost, complexity, and time. We are drastically reducing the barrier to entry into blockchain development and are well on our way to becoming the central platform developers around the world use to build on blockchain.

Reach is growing rapidly and just closed its Series A investment round. Over the next several months the company will be prioritizing aggressive developer acquisition and onboarding with the intention of establishing a global and loyal Reach developer network. Simultaneously, the company will be building out its enterprise offering for multinational corporations, tools to enhance developers’ experience building on Reach, and a suite of applications directly usable by everyday consumers (think Microsoft Office Suite for blockchain!). Our goal is to ultimately become the lens through which everyday people conceptualize and understand the decentralized network. We are looking for passionate, talented, and dedicated individuals to join us on this journey!

In addition to believing in Reach’s vision, we actively look for people that embody our core values of Excellence, Integrity, Growth, and Service.

The Director of Specialty Products will have the exciting opportunity of conceptualizing and leading Reach’s business strategy for its brand new Specialty Products division. This division will be responsible for developing, testing and releasing all specialized products built adjacent to Reach’s core product offering, the Reach development platform and specialized compiler. Most immediately, the Director of Specialty Products will be tasked with working with Reach’s Head of Engineering - Specialty Products to develop and launch Reach’s DApp Application Suite. This will be a high profile project that will push Reach’s strategic positioning as more than just a development tool.

Key Responsibilities

This senior-level management role requires someone with senior-level business management, partnerships, and business development experience and excellent technical acumen in software development. The candidate should have strong people skills and a track record of managing complex and unique software development projects. Experience in blockchain and other disruptive technologies is seen as highly favourable. The Director of Specialty Products will report to the COO and manage a team consisting of a Head of Engineering, Project Manager, Chief Architect, and cohort of Engineers. They will work closely with the CTO to plan, coordinate, and manage the design and building of some of the first specialized blockchain technologies and DApps ever built, demonstrating new unprecedented use cases for blockchain. An ability to effectively manage partners and stakeholders is key as we will be working closely with Algorand Inc. Given the company’s early-stage status, the candidate should be able to lead and thrive amidst ambiguity as they will often need to pave a path where none has ever existed.

Competencies, Skills, and Experience

Leading candidates for the Director of Specialty Product will excel in the following areas:

Technical expertise

An exceptional technical background in software engineering - with candidates having been a programmer at some point in their career. A strong understanding of modern software development practices and the software development lifecycle will be essential, as will a comprehensive grasp of the technologies the wider team is working with. Knowledge of and experience with various project management disciplines is expected. Strong and comprehensive knowledge of the blockchain space and blockchain development seen as highly favourable.

Leadership experience

Senior-level management experience is a must, particularly experience managing software developers and highly technical teams. Prior technical leadership experience in an open source multi-language platform product, with an ecosystem of external contributors, partners and clients. Ample understanding of the specific requirements and environments that high performing engineering teams require to thrive. Accordingly, it is likely that the candidate will have previously led large, complex projects, with positive results. Significant effort will be spent identifying, evaluating, attracting, and retaining talent to grow and nurture the Specialty Products team. Ability to communicate well with stakeholders, be they partners or potential investors. Excellent communication and presentation skills as this candidate will serve as the external face of the Speciality Product division. Positive team, interpersonal, and culture-building skills. *

Further, they will also possess the following character traits

Mission-driven visionary, with outstanding intellect and a passion for cutting-edge innovation. Thrive off of leading and making decisions in the midst of ambiguity. Track record of building systems and processes from scratch. Able to balance a self-assured confidence in their own ability with an equal measure of humility. Master of working and managing in remote environments, ensuring accountability, and building a positive team culture despite a virtual environment. Be a visionary leader; have an affinity for predicting future trends in blockchain and translating these findings into product development suggestions for senior management

Our Commitment to You

Reach is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Our Perks

Employee stock-options Flexible work schedule Paid time off Health and dental insurance

About Reach

Reach is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to build blockchain applications.

We make blockchain development practical. Just like the PC existed before Microsoft and the pocket computer existed before Apple, these technologies didn't become mainstream until they provided a practical way for developers to put applications in the hands of their users. We will be the go-to solution for all Blockchain Development. Not only are we providing an easy way for developers to create their applications, but we are also providing an easy way for them to launch, maintain, and monetize their applications as well. Our developer community is growing rapidly and we just started a new Specialty Products team to build ready-to-commercialize applications - our first product in the pipeline is a DeFi suite of applications.

If you are passionate about blockchain, developer tools, crypto, and/or DeFi come join us!

Company Culture

We value excellence, growth, integrity, and a service mindset. Constant learning, curiosity, and a willingness to take risks and learn from mistakes is core to who we are. Everything we do and every decision we make is with the customer in mind. Reach is fully remote team.

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