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We predict and prevent surgical complications, and guide patients through the preparation for and recovery from surgery.

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Why join us?

  • Mission. Your hours and effort count towards making a truly meaningful difference and you will. have high impact on both the product and the engineering team.

  • Culture. Collaborate with a smart tight-knit team that focuses on employee happiness, productivity & genuine care for each other.

  • Technology. Work on design and a modern stack to deliver a sophisticated work you are proud of with the flexibility to chose your own tools.

  • Business. Unique opportunity to join a validated startup that is on a unicorn-path early enough to have impact.

  • Perks. Work from home to avoid commute and save your precious time. Our employees love being able to work distraction-free, eat healthy at home, and spend precious time with family, even while working hard towards building a successful company.

Engineering at Ready Surgery

Engineering team and processes

We have a flat and low-overhead engineering culture. Each new engineer joining at this stage has a lot of ownership, leadership opportunities and is empowered to craft the process that they prefer. We have few meetings and are on Slack but also jump on a call quickly if needed. When needed we create quick screenshots/ screencasts and prefer communicating things visually to keep things clear with simple markups. For live white-boarding, we use Google's Jamboard. We have CI/ CD and a test suite set up and each engineer can create Preview Apps for their features and also push to PROD when they are ready.

Technical Challenges

We built an MVP that has strong traction. So now we are production-izing the app - which presents opportunities for clean refactors while we support existing users. We do tend to push MVPs fast and then once we have validation on the feature from real users we architect it to fit well within the system. So engineers have the opportunity to flex both their move-fast-and-break-things (with MVP) and their thoughtful-well-architected (for Robust Production-ized features) muscles.

Projects you might work on
  • Chatbot using RASA/ Amazon Lex to navigate patients through their surgical experience

  • Visualizations of risk models for patient-personalized risks

  • Partner on/ lead data science projects to improve our recommendations

  • API creation (Considering GraphQL)

Tech stack
React Native

Working at Ready Surgery

Small, tight-knit team that works in a scrappy and true startup environment to move fast. Willing to reprioritize and respond to customer feedback fast.

Perks & benefits
  • Company Retreats

    We do 3-4 company retreats per year to meet each other and deepen relationships.

  • Flexible Hours

    Besides being available during core collaboration hours (8am to 5pm PST), generally everyone can set their own hours based on personal schedules, when the sun is out or when they are able to do their best/ deep work (owls and larks both welcome!).

  • Work from Home

    Work from home everyday to avoid commutes and wasted time! Eat the foods you like and set up your office the way it's perfect for you.

  • Beautiful Office
  • Team Activities
  • Other

    Management that cares about your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing

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