Remote, seattle
11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$500k - $1m funding
Pre-series a

Refactr is an up-and-coming startup company that is modernizing the IT industry through a cutting-edge DevSecOps automation platform. The most forward-thinking enterprise SecOps teams, solution architects, and developers turn to Refactr to automate their processes and radically increase their operational efficiency. Based in Seattle, Refactr is attracting customers ranging from cybersecurity vendors to the Department of Defense who are leading the way in DevSecOps automation in an increasingly software-defined, aka IT as Code world.

We are a small startup with a very fast-paced, but flexible work environment. We work in ~2-week sprints with a rapid user feedback cycle, and we work very closely with select partners to make sure the product is solving client needs at every iteration. Our office is a co-working space in downtown Seattle, but much work is done remotely.

As an innovative software startup, Refactr offers a unique opportunity for ambitious engineers to be given significant autonomy and responsibility in implementing solutions. We are looking for engineers who can translate business problems into technology solutions, which means looking at technology as a tool, and making the best choices and tradeoffs in how solutions are implemented.

Why join us?

  • We have more than doubled our team in the past 2 months.

  • We are founded by military veteran and successful serial entrepreneurs of tech startups.

  • We have an Air Force SBIR contract, and pushing our DevSecOps platform forward through the Department of Defense.

  • We are working with over a dozen cybersecurity vendors to help them automate and integrate their products in our platform.

Engineering at Refactr

Engineering team and processes

Our engineers work in small teams with close collaboration. Our process is a combination of rapid and agile frameworks, characterized by short iteration on rapid prototypes, feedback, and refinement. Engineers participate in weekly standup meetings to show off their work from the previous week and to plan for the upcoming week. Upfront design and specification of new features is done in Confluence, and we use Jira for tracking of specific issues. Our code is hosted on GitHub, where we use pull requests perform code reviews and conduct releases, which are completely automated using CI/CD pipelines.

Technical Challenges

As a DevSecOps automation platform similar to CI/CD systems used purely for development, we integrate directly with many disparate automation tools, ranging from simple web API's, to infrastructure as code tools, to application security scanners. This is a challenging problem as we must maintain support for these tools, as well as design a pluggable framework that is extensible and scalable.

Another challenge we're solving is providing a flexible platform for executing automation workloads. We offer cloud-hosted execution environments out of the box, which must be scalable and highly secured in a multi-tenant application. Users also have the option of running their workloads in their own environments. Safely and effectively orchestrating and managing these job runners is a critical aspect of our engineering success.

Projects you might work on
  • Design a plugin framework for IT automation tools with varying interfaces (e.g., REST, CLI, libraries) orchestrated by a graph-driven workflow engine backed by a YAML DSL. You might work on automated plugin installation, release orchestration, complex input validation, facilitation of data passing between plugins, and a custom expression evaluation engine.

  • Design an extensible orchestration and communication layer for a widely distributed system of execution agents. These agents execute arbitrary code, and so must be highly secured. Target platforms you might work with include cloud compute offerings (virtual machines, serverless), Docker containers, Kubernetes, on-premise infrastructure, and deep integrations with 3rd-party job runner platforms.

  • Implement a drag-and-drop workflow builder backed by a YAML definition, which allows concurrent editing of the YAML and graphical interfaces (brush and link). The builder includes full validation, dynamic fetching of new data while editing, complex form generation, and built-in revision history.

Tech stack
Azure Cloud
Semantic UI

Working at Refactr

We are an agile startup who loves self starters who are team players. We love contributors who push us to make our product even better everyday.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Refactr has an unlimited PTO policy.

  • Flexible Hours

    We are very flexible on hours, and really look for the right talent that fits our culture. Our goal is to ensure you work the hours you can do you best work, and collaborate with your teammates mostly via Slack.

  • Work from Home

    We let everyone work from home, as we are a 100% remote company.

Our Team by the Numbers

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