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101 - 250 employees
51 - 100 engineers
$50m - $100m funding

Remind is a communication platform for teachers, student, parents and administrators. We help 30MM teachers, parents, and students connect every month to improve academic outcomes. Think Slack for schools.

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Why join us?

  • With 30MM MAU, we are the largest communication platform in education, with millions of students benefiting from better communication with their teachers and administrators. We are the #1 app in the iOS App Store and Android Google Play every year during the back to school season.

  • Fast-track SaaS business - our revenue growing more than 2x year over year, and we have smart budget management in place.

  • Our team is small, mighty, humble, and truly service-oriented.

Engineering at Remind

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team values rigor, minimalism, and fearlessness. We strive to build the simplest solution for a given problem, and apply rigorous, scientific thinking in order to design efficient, stable systems. We strive to build the leanest team, codebase, processes, and documents in order to solve the challenges we face. We embrace risk and entrepreneurship because we constantly face novel challenges in building a profitable business in ed tech, and express that fearlessness by embracing and mastering multiple languages (swift, kotlin, golang, typescript, and ruby) and multiple storage paradigms (relational on Amazon Aurora, Dynamo, Redis, etc).

Our engineers work in delivery teams centered on business goals; these teams value features for our users that are secure, scalable, and stable, and these teams are also responsible for the health of our architecture. All teams have product, marketing, and design support; collaboration and communication between users and engineers is very tight. We run 2-week sprints and CI/CD all backend/web systems. Together, we review code, designs, and operational readiness in order to ship quickly while meeting and exceeding our SLAs.

Our team members are generous with their time and talent, and believe in the power of knowledge sharing and collaboratively up-leveling each other. We don't believe in heroes and egos - engineers at all skill levels are encouraged to be curious, investigative, and entrepreneurial. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels safe bringing their full selves to work.

Technical Challenges

Materializing our organic graph designed to serve teachers in order to serve administrators

Constantly improving our SLAs and SLOs; we hit 99.9% uptime during the 2019 back-to-school season and have been improving by an order of magnitude each year for the past 3 years

Breaking down our rails monolith via graphql indirection in order to reduce overall cost by increasing computational efficiency while increasing system availability and lowering latency

Building a simple, consistent, and efficient mobile architecture on top of GraphQL

Setting the standard for security in education technology while continuing to ship new features and hit our SLAs

Twilio's largest domestic customer and the single largest long-code customer in the world

Projects you might work on
  • Migrated our core messaging backend service from JavaScript (written 5 years ago) to TypeScript. The addition of clear static types to this codebase was a fundamental evolution for us - we are adopting TypeScript more broadly, as analysis of our production incidents pointed to a substantial number of issues caused by lack of clarity in contracts within services.

  • Decreased message delivery latency (to enable SLA conformance) by smoothing out deliveries at peak delivery times.

  • Increased the stability of our chats database by introducing a write-through buffer using Redis.

  • Moved a significant amount of traffic to a GraphQL proxy to serve as an API gateway as we move from monolith to a service-oriented architecture.

  • Adopted Twirp for internal RPC to clearly define contracts between services.

  • Built a generalized messaging service in support of new messaging features. Our messaging service was originally spread throughout our Rails codebase; we consolidated and clarified that interface in a new TypeScript service.

  • Autograph/GQL on mobile to help build a simple, consistent architecture for consuming graphql on mobile (

Tech stack
12 Factor App
Code Review

Working at Remind

Remind is extremely mission driven and we all work hard towards the same goals - to impact education by giving every student a chance to succeed, while building a profitable, sustainable business. We value personal health, family, and service to others.

A well-rounded approach: Our compensation plans include equity, full medical coverage for you and your family, and an open vacation policy.

A place to do your best work: We provide the space, gear, and grub to help you stay focused and energized. (And we make it a priority to have fun, too.)

An opportunity to make a positive impact: Work in a mission-driven environment with people passionate about making a difference—and see what that looks like for real schools and districts, and the teacher and parents supporting the students in those schools.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    We have an open PTO policy (that team members actually take advantage of!)

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    Remind offers four months of parental leave for all employees.

  • Pet Friendly

    We love our furry friends. Our office is a pet friendly office with a proper set of rules and policies.

  • Health Insurance

    Remind provides 100% health coverage for you and your defendants.

  • Flexible Hours

    We care about productivity, not the number hours you spend working. Most of our engineers work from 9-10am to 5-6pm.

  • Work from Home

    As mentioned earlier, we care about productivity and we understand that life happens. So if you need to work from home because you have a plumber coming in or you simply need some heads down time to get things done, we totally understand.

  • 401(k) Contribution

    We care about you, your future and your retirement.

  • Team Activities

    From baseball games to rollerskating to bimonthly happy hours, we make it a priority for the company to get time to unwind together and foster relationships across the org.

Our Team by the Numbers

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