Software Engineer, Product

San Francisco, CA, United States


Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


101 - 250 people


1128 Howard St
San Francisco, CA, 94103, US

Tech Stack

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • PostgreSQL
  • backbone.js
  • React
  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • f
  • Flask
  • Redux

Role Description

About this role We’re looking for software engineers to join our fast growing product team. You'll be working on our transit products, building out new features and refining existing interactions to make sure they're just right. We also take user research and feedback very seriously, and you'll get to visit and work closely with our users as well. Our platform is a UI-heavy application, so we're looking for engineers who are excited about tackling complicated data processing and performance work on the front end. You'll encounter various challenges revolving around data modeling, intricate structural dependencies, algorithms, performance concerns, etc. Traditional divisions between “front end” and “back end” skillsets don't apply 100% here, and we value engineers who can move between both ends of the stack.

Technology-wise, our stack is Rails, Javascript/ES6(React/Redux/Flow) and Postgres/PostGIS, and Leaflet.js, a mapping library. It's more important to us that you generally have experience with a Javascript framework such as React or Backbone than experience with the particular libraries we use.

You'd be a good fit if: You want to work at a mission driven company. You're pragmatic and want to get things done without sacrificing quality, both product and tech wise. You value strong partnerships with product and design in building value for customers. You iterate quickly and are continuously finding ways to improve processes as we scale. You care about working on small teams where you can see the impact of your work. You're humble, empathetic, and understand that giving and receiving honest direct feedback helps everyone to grow not just as engineers, but as people.

You'll work on: The scheduling UI that represents complex transit systems schedules, and algorithms to generate such schedules Visualizations and analysis tools for use in public meetings, such as the “Jane”(Jacobs) isochrones tool ( Our geo-database of open data (transit and census) Real time costing models and simulations Our demographics tool that helps transit agencies serve their communities equitably (per the Civil Rights Act of 1964)

About Remix

The zip code you’re born in continues to be one of the strongest predictors of your economic mobility. As a team of city planners and urbanists, Remix aims to build a more equitable world by expanding access within it. We're developing tools that enable cities to better serve their communities by making smarter decisions around their transit and streets systems.

We're working with 275+ cities around the world including Oakland, Boston, Seattle, San Antonio, Miami, Calgary, and Melbourne.

The easiest way to understand what we're doing is this two minute demo:

Company Culture

Collaboration - Default to collaboration. We believe the best work happens when more than one person contributes. We do our work in the open and make it easy for others to provide feedback. Our natural inclination is to pull in team members from across the company and get it done together. The diversity of our backgrounds means we can see perspectives that a single person couldn’t.

Humility - Stay humble. We know what we’ve accomplished is just a fraction of what’s left to do. We’re not afraid to admit when we make mistakes because we know it’s the first step to learning from them. We’re willing to ask for help from others and realize there’s always someone we can learn from.

Empathy - Empathy for customers. We consider ourselves part of the larger community we serve. We always try to understand their perspective and what matters to them. If we're debating a decision, we choose the side that respects customers the most.

Feedback - Direct, honest feedback. We give honest feedback directly to each other. At first, this can be a little uncomfortable, but it's the fastest way to learn and grow. We try to give this feedback quickly and without judgment — it's done strictly in the service of self-improvement.

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