11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$5M - $10M Funding
Pre-Series A

When deploying applications in production, developers are forced to pick between two extremes: expensive yet simplistic platforms like Heroku, or complicated, do-it-all-yourself services like AWS. By contrast, Render makes it easy to get up and running quickly but also allows applications to scale and increase in complexity over time, preventing a transition to DIY infrastructure.

Our goal is to completely free up developers and teams from managing infrastructure. This will ultimately improve all software and enable entirely new kinds of applications.

We're building products that abstract over complexity and minimize cognitive overhead for our users. This requires careful thought, high creativity and a deep understanding of application requirements in production. Our stack is React, GraphQL, Go, Kubernetes and PostgreSQL, but we don't require prior experience with any of them. We're looking for people with high integrity, low ego, and an insatiable drive to learn.

We serve over 150 million requests every week and have thousands of users who love the product. Our users include a leading democratic presidential campaign, YC startups, indie hackers and everyone in between. The company is well funded and backed by the same venture funds behind Airbnb, Snap, and Stripe, and the former CTOs of VMware and Dropbox. We also won the annual TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield last year.

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Active Roles
Why join us?
  • We're solving a problem faced by every developer and development team. It's a massive and rapidly growing market (AWS is privately valued at over $200B, and there are over 20 million professional developers globally). We serve over 150 million requests every week, our users love us, and our revenue are growing every month.

  • Our stock grants are 99th percentile of the market: Render's first 10 hires collectively own over 10% of the company.

  • Everyone wants to move their infrastructure to Kubernetes, but it's too complex for the average development team. Render makes it possible to get the power of Kubernetes without any of its complexity.

  • The former CTOs of VMware and Dropbox are two of our biggest investors and cheerleaders. We also won TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 2019, where judges included Marissa Mayer (former CEO of Yahoo and early engineer/PM at Google) and Alfred Lin (managing partner at Sequoia Capital).

  • The company is led by Anurag Goel, who was employee #8 and Head of Risk at Stripe. He helped Stripe launch and scale to $5B in valuation, and is applying many of the same principles that helped Stripe succeed to Render.

Engineering at Render
Engineering team and processes

We're a small company of full-stack engineers. We have complete, end-to-end ownership for every project we take on and expect the same from you. We review all major code changes through pull requests and are always pushing ourselves to do better. We iterate quickly and deploy to production several times a day.

Technical Challenges

The biggest issues with platforms like Heroku are lack of flexibility, and cost. We are solving the cost problem by using containers and Kubernetes and intelligently scaling compute resources up and down. This will continue to be a major area of engineering investment for us going forward.

We solve lack of flexibility by using Kubernetes under the hood and abstracting all the associated complexity so our users get all the benefits (load balancing, service discovery, autoscaling, health checks, self-healing) without needing to manage Kubernetes or build everything on AWS.

The challenge is in building the right user-facing abstractions that make simple application deployments effortless and complex application deployments possible. User experience is our primary focus and drives everything we do.

Projects you might work on
  • You will create fun open source projects and documentation in multiple languages and frameworks to demo Render's features.

  • We run our Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud Platform and AWS. You will enable Render's Kubernetes clusters to run on other clouds and eventually in our own data-centers. You will also allow our users to connect Render resources with their private networks in AWS/GCP.

  • You will create an effortless functions-as-a-service abstraction on Render and enable per-request billing for containerized resources.

  • You will build managed Object Storage, MySQL and Redis for Render users.

  • You will use machine learning to optimize container scheduling and save resources while keeping user workloads responsive.

Tech stack

Working at Render

We value high integrity, low ego, an affinity for continuous learning, and the ability to figure things out quickly. We're always open to being wrong, and we love to improve our work through reasoned discussion and constant feedback. We trust and respect each other tremendously which makes doing all of this easy.

Benefits and Perks
Generous Vacation

Four weeks paid vacation, and we only count vacation days when you take more than one day at a time.

Beautiful Office

A sunny, beautiful, well-stocked office in SoMa close to Caltrain and BART.

Maternal/Paternal Leave

3 months paid maternity and paternity leave.

Work from Home

Things come up all the time. Work from home as needed.


We will provide financial and logistical assistance in helping you relocate to the Bay Area.

Pet Friendly
Flexible Hours

We try to get in by 10 and leave between 6 and 7, but this is more of a self-imposed rule that we often break. We also end up working from home sometimes during weekdays.


We offer commuter benefits including Lyft for Business and SF Muni passes.

Health Insurance

Comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage with PPO plans and 100% of your premiums paid by Render.


Build your own maxed-out Mac/Ubuntu laptop with any peripheral or accessory you'd like ・ Order anything to make your work environment more ergonomic ・ Order any work-related ebook or p-book on the company's Amazon account ・Surprise gifts for the holidays!


Monthly gym membership allowance.

Free Food

We order groceries every week and often make our lunches.

Company Retreats

Every few months we drive to an offsite company retreat for a chance of pace and some R&R.

Team Activities

Birthday celebrations, weekly happy hours, company dinners, dinners hosted by coworkers.

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