Software Engineer

East Bay, CA, United States • $100k - $150k • 0.2% - 1.0%


Role Location

  • East Bay, CA, United States


  • $100k - $150k
  • 0.2% - 1.0%


11 - 25 people


554 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA, 94610, US

Tech Stack

  • Solidity
  • Go
  • parity
  • geth
  • mythril
  • Java
  • gRPC

Role Description

We are looking for an exceptional engineer that wants a founding role at a startup and is excited about our vision (

You are:

  • Able to handle a wide array of technical challenges. Immediately foreseeable work includes building solid web and mobile front-ends, relatively simple but highly robust back ends, and an unusually complex system of smart contracts with critical economic properties and security properties.

  • Able to work in a tightly coordinated team, and know how to sync closely with team-members.

  • A good fit for our culture (

About Reserve

Reserve is a stable, global currency (a stablecoin) and a digital payment system for people and businesses in countries with high inflation.

It will be inexpensive to send and provide users access to the benefits of cryptocurrencies without the volatility. While we expect that Reserve will be valuable to traders and app developers inside the crypto ecosystem, we’re most excited about it replacing inflationary currencies and dysfunctional banks. And with the currencies in Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, and elsewhere approaching hyperinflation, now seems like the right moment for people to choose something new.

Company Culture

The members of our team have good relationships with each other. Many of us knew each other before this project started, and we’ve quickly grown into an open and friendly culture while at the same time prioritizing hard work and intellectual rigor.

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