11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$100m+ funding
Series a

We help home buyers compete with investors and all-cash offers and win their dream home. We do this by enabling everyday home buyers and realtors with the technology, data science, and capital that only the largest investors have access to.

We also help home buyers who need to sell their previous home move stress-free. We buy and reserve their new home with a cash-offer, they move in and rent while they sell their previous home at maximum value.

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Why join us?

  • We only launched in mid-May but have seen such strong initial traction ($20M pipeline worth of homes) that we've raised a large series A from our seed investors to go after this huge opportunity.

  • Our mission matters. The housing market is unfair—home buyers lose to investors with cash. Ribbon empowers everyday home buyers with the tech, data science, and capital that large investors are using to beat them.

  • Our team is made up of leaders and entrepreneurs from Twitter/TellApart, Lending Club, Spotify and top real estate companies such as Invitation Homes.

  • We're funded by Greylock (Facebook, Airbnb), NFX (founder of Trulia), Bain Capital Ventures (SendGrid, Optimizely), and Nyca (former President of Visa).

  • Ribbon is well poised to become a massive company which transforms how people buy and sell homes. There have been more $1B+ companies created in Real Estate than any other sector in the last 10 years because the market is so large and rife with opportunity.

    We've found a unique solution with the right distribution partners. With the right team and execution, Ribbon could become a defining company of this decade.

Engineering at Ribbon

Engineering team and processes

Right now we are 6 engineers, 1 data scientist, 1 product designer who also codes. Because we are hiring and growing quickly, this will change pretty significantly.

We believe in hiring engineers with great judgment and empowering them with trust and responsibility.

  • We do code reviews thru Github pull requests, either pre or post-merge, depending on the author's judgment
  • We use CI to deploy to staging off master, and CI to deploy to prod off a production branch
  • We use judgment to balance speed and quality (e.g. we have excellent test coverage for mission critical code, and for an experimental feature, shore up test coverage once we have decided to keep the feature)
  • We measure everything through Segment, Mixpanel, and record through FullStory
Technical Challenges

For Ribbon to be successful, we have to build

  1. The data science to assess and take on risk of guaranteeing the home transaction

We are building a machine learning model and platform to accurate predict home prices so we can take on the risk of purchasing homes on behalf of our clients.

We are building an underwriting system that predicts a home buyer's likelihood of getting their mortgage, while ensuring the user experience is seamless and they can share enough financial information with us within a 10 minute process.

  1. The software platform to connect buyers, agents, sellers, lenders around the home transaction

We have apps for home buyers, real estate agents, and need to integrate sellers, lenders and other parties (e.g. home inspectors) over time. They all need to have a consistent and connected experience. We need to build the abstractions to manage this complexity - e.g. an event driven system to notify the right parties when a buyer adds a home they are interested in purchasing.

Projects you might work on
  • New features for growth, retention, and delight - We ship and test at least one new feature every week. If you're a product engineer, you'll get to conceive of the feature, work with designers to create the right experience, then build, ship, measure, analyze and decide what next steps are. For this reason, we prefer folks who can work across the stack. If you can't yet, we also believe fast learners can pick up the rest of the stack—many people in our team have.

  • Data infrastructure for home valuations - Ribbon's business model is based on accurately evaluating risk. We need to build the right risk model for valuing homes and the infrastructure to get increasingly better at this over time. There are 700+ different data sources across the country. What are the right abstractions for easily consuming all of them? What are the right mechanisms to cross check and validate data?

  • Event driven architecture - We have a minimum viable event-driven system. E.g. when an agent adds a home, we need to get notified, the buyer gets emailed, and we track the data for analytcs and potential future data products (e.g. to rec other homes). This is one of many events e.g. buyer gets their Buying Power. What is the right abstraction to build? Should we use a 3rd party system and what is it (e.g. Google Pub Sub)?

Tech stack
Google Cloud
Google App Engine

Working at Ribbon

Buying a home is the most important purchase of someone's life. We aim to build an experience worthy of the magnitude of the transaction.

We believe in radical candor - we challenge each other's ideas to make them better but we also deeply care about each other's growth and treat each other with respect.

Perks & benefits
  • Pet Friendly

    We welcome friendly pets to the office, while being mindful of team members with allergies. The cuteness helps us work better :)

  • Flexible Hours

    Because we care deeply about our mission and product, we work very hard—we won't lie. That being said, folks at Ribbon have families and work flexible hours to accommodate that. At the end of the day, the output and impact are what matter, not the number of hours in the office.

  • Health Insurance

    We use Justworks which provides excellent health insurance plans.

    Also, your family is important to us—we cover 100% of the base plan for you and 50% of the base plan for your dependents.

  • Team Activities

    We spend time in the markets where we operate (Charlotte, NC) as a team to be closer to our customers, but also to have a great time together! We'll barbecue and cook together in the evenings there.

  • Beautiful Office

    We're in a large WeWork right now but part of joining is that you'll get a say in how we design our new office as we move into one in late Q4 2018.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    If it helps you level up professionally and do greater things at Ribbon, we are up for it. We especially encourage folks to speak at conferences to help with recruiting.

Our Team by the Numbers

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