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Rogo is a no-code data analytics platform that lets users do data analysis with simple plain English commands. Our mission is to unleash the power of data and enable everyone to become a data genius.

We want to build tools that make data scientists more productive but also let non-technical users keep pace. Rogo will be the first full natural language interface for working with data. It’s a deeply technical problem and we hope the prospect of trying to solve it makes you as excited as it makes us.

The longer-term vision is to change the way all industries handle their data. Data needs are growing rapidly, and there aren’t enough technical employees to keep up with the need. Existing platforms are not easy enough for users to use. Rogo will change the default for data analysis and visualization.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We’re funded — Kevin Ryan and AlleyCorp, one of the world’s premier early-stage investing and incubating venture capital firms, are backing Rogo. Kevin Ryan, the founder of MongoDB, Business Insider, Zola’s, Gilt Groupe, etc., is working closely with the Rogo team. Not to mention, we have a group of leaders across the financial services world in the cap table as angel investors.

  • We're ahead of the curve — Our platform is going to revolutionize the way consumers interact with data. In 10 years, natural language interfaces will be the dominant means for interfacing with one’s data. Rogo is at the forefront of this coming transformation.

  • We're experienced — Our founders have deep expertise and experience in financial services and semantic parsing.

Engineering at Rogo

Engineering team and processes

Every member of the engineering team takes ownership of their products and features. Engineers typically work collaboratively to spec and design, then iterate quickly individually.

We need engineers to ideate and ship fast; but equally important, we need developers who can steer our engineering principles, define the processes and culture, and lay the seeds for a fast-moving, highly technical organization.

Technical Challenges

Rogo faces hugely interesting, challenging, and open-ended technical problems:

First and foremost is the natural language processing research that goes into designing and deploying a robust neural & rule-based semantic parsing engine to translate plain English text queries into executable commands.

On the analytics side, we’re creating data science models and augmented analytics capabilities to change the way everyone views market data.

On the front end, Rogo is designing a beautiful user interface that is at the heart of the product’s value – one deserving of the groundbreaking semantic parsing engine sitting behind it.

Projects you might work on
  • Building NLP systems — You could help design a semantic-parsing architecture that translates English requests into executable statistical and machine learning commands.

  • Building delightful UIs — You could create a beautifully dynamic visualization library for easily displaying, charting, and interacting with financial, research, and business intelligence data.

  • Creating advanced analytics — You could build sophisticated augmented analytics functionality to help our users automatically uncover non-obvious trends and insights in their data.

  • Prototyping natural language systems — You could prototype natural-language-querying tools quickly, experimenting with technologies like neural-machine-translation & rule-based parsing, and tools like GPT-3 and Codex, in order to figure out what really defines a natural language interface.

  • Building machine learning models — You could help design advanced machine learning models that clients can use and deploy off the shelf on a variety of problems within the financial services domain.

Tech stack

Working at Rogo

We care deeply about democratizing the power of data. We are self-directed and self-motivated but work collaboratively as much as possible. We love team members who have strong convictions and bold ideas and are always willing to argue for what they believe in, so long as they’re equally as open-minded and willing to learn from others. Ultimately, we are a startup and so everyone wears many hats. As a result, our team always needs to be intellectually curious and comfortable exploring new ideas.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an absolutely essential core goal for us as we build our team. We are an equal opportunity employer that is striving for a workforce representative of our society.

Everyone at Rogo is a critical and highly-valued member of our team. We believe in a dynamic and hierarchy-less marketplace of ideas – we are a low-ego team and we view it as crucial that everyone from every background is heard and understood. From Day 1, you will be listened to - that's why we want you here! Whether you come to us with problems, solutions, ideas, criticisms, or anything else, we will always be here, as friends, thought-partners, and colleagues.

We are still shaping our approach to diversity and inclusion to make sure it is as thoughtful, respectful, useful, and fulfilling as possible for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. These sorts of resources and support opportunities are an ongoing and very active area of research for us, and as we grow we will always encourage team members to take leadership roles and contribute to all of these efforts.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    We have an unlimited vacation policy. We believe it's important for employees to have time to relax and decompress from work.

  • Work from Home

    We're a completely hybrid team.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical and dental coverage for you and your dependents.

  • Flexible Hours

    We care about productivity, not hours.

  • Team Activities

    Happy hours, chess, board games, hikes. We think the best way to stay focused is to stay active :)

Our Team by the Numbers

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