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We are focused on cultivating people in the Cloud Computing industry to deliver high-quality solutions to businesses in need of Digital Transformation. We are building a Cloud Army!

Why join us?

  • While we believe in delivering excellence to our customers, we believe that begins with focusing on the well being of our staff. This includes pay, benefits and flexible work schedules. Most importantly we focus on career development even if that leads away from our employ, we are preparing for the Gig Economy delivering multiple streams of revenue to you.

  • We are actively shortening the distance between experts and enthusiasts. If you are an expert looking to expand your audience or an enthusiast looking for the benefit fo Sage guidance, we are all involved in filling out that network for the benefit of all.

  • When we say cultivating talent, we don't just mean technical training, we mean mentors (both technical and career) coaches to improve performance and of course a killer network to travel with you throughout your career.

Engineering at RTRIAD Enterprises

Engineering team and processes

We are currently focused on DevOps primarily in Microsoft Cloud leveraging SCRUM for Agile methodology most times. We promote Azure DevOps as a tool for controlling the process and measuring the teams success.

Technical Challenges

Variety is the spice of life and the nightmare of every engineer. If you don't like learning or change you might want to rethink your career choice because these are the two elements that are sure to continually challenge engineers. I am a career vet and have forgotten more technologies than I currently know. I find this to be most interesting and focus my attention on how to learn rapidly and apply what I learn without fear of failure. NOTE: You will fail, so don't let this stop you. Learn and recover and succeed!

Projects you might work on
  • Most of our projects begin by doing assessments that uncover the current state and desired state of the customer. We then analyze the gaps and recommend a road map to traverse the two points. The Projects we develop are typically what comprises that road map.

  • Typical Project pull through from a DevOps assessment is to design an architecture to support CI/CD for a given software product that includes a long term plan for maintenance, quality assurance, governance, customer feedback/satisfaction and supportability.

  • There is a variety of Developer talents that must be sourced to deliver in these various software products of our customers including scarce skills that may need to be developed in flight. We are not afraid to build talent that can't be found.

Tech stack

Working at RTRIAD Enterprises

We have an Agile mindset that expects to have failures on the road to success and accelerates that journey by learning fast, teaching what we know and serving to create greater value for our customers and employees. We also believe that building strong discipline upon proven principles advances success and growth. We are committed to lifelong learning, enjoyment and networked community.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home
  • Workshops/Conferences
  • Company Retreats
  • Travel
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