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Rubrik, the leading cloud data management company for the modern enterprise, delivers instant application availability for recovery, search, cloud, and development. Customers benefit from Rubrik’s market-leading Cloud Data Management platform that offers simplicity, instant data access, app-mobility, policy-driven automation, ransomware protection, and analytics —all at scale. Rubrik is growing rapidly as we work to solve challenging problems in some of the largest and most complicated environments in the world. Building software that scales while maintaining UI simplicity requires rigorous thinkers. In the UI stack, we are putting architecture in place that enables the product teams to iterate fast, and build quickly while keeping high UX quality. We are also building innovative data applications, like Data Classification, Predictive Analytics and more.

In order to give you a sense of Rubrik’s engineering culture, here are our key tenets.

• Obsess About Customer Satisfaction. Everything we do needs to be towards delighting our customers. We like to always think from customers’ point of view and try not to make decisions based on developer convenience. We pride ourselves on handling customer bugs with extreme diligence. We aim to offer a high level of supportability and diagnosability and try to never break compatibility commitments.

• Own Your Own Destiny. Our Product + Development + Support teams own the product end-to-end and deliver projects adherent to our “definition of done” principles.

• Be Proactively Transparent. Prioritize, collaborate and be proactive with communication on status and progress. Be open: freely share analysis, design, and roadmaps.

• Never Punt. Our engineers own issues and drive progress by doing closed-loop analysis. We value engineers that are capable of debugging and root-causing hard issues. If a handoff is needed, the next team is informed on the issue and why it landed with them.

• Be Data Driven. Whenever possible or practical, make decisions based on data and metrics.

• Just Do It for Excellence. Strive for continuous improvement, leaving things better than you found them.

• Be Curious. Ask questions!

• Welcome Peer Review. We aim to collaborate without preconceptions.

• Celebrate Wins and Acknowledge Excellence. High five, #shout-out to teams and team members.

• Prioritize The Team. Removing roadblocks for our teammates is the most effective way to increase bandwidth. For example delivering timely and high quality code reviews are as important as writing code.

We are looking for teammates who are motivated by our challenges!

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Great market opportunity — Our current Total Addressable Market is about $50 Billion and the incumbents are all large legacy vendors like EMC-Dell, Veritas, IBM, and HP. Their lack of innovation has helped Rubrik become the fastest growing enterprise startup ever based on revenue.

  • Focus on user experience — One of the reasons we built Rubrik was to bring a consumer-grade experience to enterprise software. To provide the simplicity, easy of use, and pain free delight of popular consumer products, such as Facebook, Google, and Dropbox, we created a team composed of engineers and designers from both consumer and enterprise.

  • Protects data for essential services — We are entrusted with protecting a companies most valuable data and making it immediately available anywhere. If an entire hospital is hit with a ransomware attack, Rubrik can help them thwart it easily by being able to recover a patient's critical files from anywhere.

  • Strong engineering culture and mentorship — We have an engineering first culture (all 4 founders are engineers) and we've created an environment where engineers get to do their most interesting work alongside an incredibly smart team. We also want to develop all of our engineers into leaders and entrepreneurs and have set up programs unlike anything available elsewhere.

Engineering at Rubrik

Engineering team and processes

The Product Engineering teams are building and maintaining multiple products at Rubrik. These teams have clear ownership over certain features, products & part of the stack ensuring they have all the context to make impactful decisions. Some product teams are full stack, while others are specialized either in back-end, or front-end.

Scrum teams are running their sprints following practices that help them most to reach the quarterly goals. Teams are utilizing code reviews, pair programming and tech talks for ensuring engineering growth, collaboration and mentoring.

Technical Challenges

1) We are entering Act 2 for our company which includes building data apps on top of customer's data. This provides opportunities to build really cool things, like Advanced Search, Predictive Analytics and more.

2) We are targeting some of the largest and most complicated environments in the world. Building a software that scales to that while maintaining the simplicity of the UI is a very tough engineering challenge.

3) In the UI stack we are putting architecture in place that enables the product teams to iterate fast, and build products much quicker than any of our competitors do while keeping the UX quality bar very high.

Read more about the front-end challenges we are facing here:

Projects you might work on
  • The Crystal UI is the bread and butter of our business, every Rubrik customer is using it to manage their data protection. This is a very large front-end with a codebase around ~450,000 loc using TypeScript, GraphQL, REST and Angular. Most exciting challenges here are to stabilize this codebase while still adding new features, set it up for long term supportability & enable rest of the engineering team to be able to meaningfully contribute to its maintenance. This includes standardizing on patterns, documenting the reusable components, improving the developer experience, etc.

  • The Polaris UI is a platform to provide access to all the data that we use as a base to provide data apps – we just recently released GPS and Radar on the top of it. This newer codebase ~65,000 loc is using TypeScript, React, Redux &GraphQL. To enable building new apps at scale, we need to push for standardization, from gql queries, to interactions and reusable components. We are also investing in a reusable component library, a new design language, and introducing the architecture patterns, technologies, tooling and training to enable the rest of the engineering team to help pull the load to meet our ambiguous goals.

Tech stack

Working at Rubrik

  • Relentless Never give up. Get creative and execute with extreme focus and determination
  • Integrity Have high moral standards. Do what you say, and say what you do - even when no one is watching. Expect the same of others
  • Velocity Move fast. Be decisive and have a strong sense of urgency
  • Excellence Leave things better than you found them. Do your life’s best work and leave your mark
  • Transparency Be extremely open and collaborative. Share information with others to drive smarter decisions and engender trust
Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited PTO

  • Free Food
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Beautiful Office
  • Pet Friendly
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Health Insurance
Our Team by the Numbers

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