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$2m - $5m funding
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When was the last time you paid for an online transaction or bill by mailing a paper check? […pause…] That’s what we thought. You can’t remember, because you use a credit card to pay bills or buy things online. If you’re a small business (think bike shop, book store, physical therapist, flower stand, pet store, … ) owner, inventory-buyer, accountant, etc, your answer probably would have been: Yesterday. Tomorrow. Every day. B2B commerce is rapidly catching up with consumer commerce — it’s moving online — but the payments infrastructure for invoicing hasn’t. Rumbleship solves this.

Why join us?

  • We believe that B2B tools should be as clean, clear, and usable as consumer tools, and we believe that the best way to build this is to have a team from all walks of life. Your experience with buying is different from anybody else’s experience with buying, and it is critical to have a diversity of opinions to build the best tooling there is. Come build the last interesting thing in e-commerce.

Engineering at Rumbleship Financial, Inc.

Engineering team and processes

We're currently a team of 5 engineers (individual levels of experience runs the gamut from 20) and 1 designer. Every single engineer has projects that they own and make critical decisions for, but we don't silo individuals into the projects they own: everybody collaborates and shares knowledge.

We're fully continuously deployed (to GCP), and push to production weekly, if not daily.

When you've completed a feature, you run the demo to the team – engineering as well as any other internal stakeholders.

We're agile but we not dogmatic about it; getting things pushed to production ASAP is a core value.

Technical Challenges

We integrate into other platforms, aggregating data to create purchase orders and manage the payment. But many times the notifications only happen once: how do we ensure that we receive critical notifications (Order placed!), while minimizing the code that lives outside our control (eg in an external system)?

How do we track these events to replay them if — when — something goes wrong? It's not feasible to ask customers to repeat their actions that lead to error conditions.

How do we track the granular level of who-did-what-when-where over the course of an order's lifecyle that can take 3 months to complete, where at least three parties (buyer, seller, Rumbleship) have to come to a handshake on what was bought, how much it was bought for, when it was bought, and when both payment and charges are expected?

How do you internationalize all of the above?

Projects you might work on
  • How do we incentivize buyers to buy on a specific term (net 0 with 1% rebate, vs net15 with 0.5% rebate vs net30 with 0% rebate) based on the business's current cash position, and our understanding of this particular customer's historical buying behavior?

  • How do we minimize code that doesn't live in our internal infrastructure without hampering growth / features?

    Think: installing an app into a shopify store, woocommerce store, magento store (and beyond).

Tech stack
Google Cloud

Working at Rumbleship Financial, Inc.

Move purposefully and fix things.

Take care of yourself and your peers — we're in this to build a great product which is only possible when great people who know that they can't be at work all the time show up and work. We want you to be healthy, relaxed, and engaged with the rest of your life.

We want to hear about your weekend; be it the the mountains you raced up or the Zelda speed runs you did.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home

    Sometimes WFH is the best way to go heads down and get stuff done. Sometimes it isn't. When it's right for you, do it.

  • Health Insurance

    Health is important. We'll make sure you have health insurance.

  • Beautiful Office

    We're in the Dogpatch with 14 foot ceilings and tons of light. A nice view of Potrero, to boot!

    If you haven't been to Neighbor Bakehouse, which is downstairs, you're in for a treat.

  • Flexible Hours

    We're generally around 10-5/6 but life happens. Getting things done is far more important than chair time.

  • Transportation

    We'll get you an ebike to make your commute to the Dogpatch more enjoyable, faster, and cleaner. If you'd rather take the train/bus/etc, we'll cover that.

Our Team by the Numbers

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