Product Engineer

Remote, San Francisco, CA, United States


Role Locations

  • Remote
  • San Francisco, CA, United States


11 - 25 people


121 Red Hawk Ct
Brisbane, CA, 94005-1234, US

Tech Stack

  • React
  • Go
  • GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Platform

Role Description

You'll love working with us if this resonates with you:

You want to build something that you love – not only the code but the product that it creates. It's important for you to feel like the product solves real problems for people in a way that makes them happy. You want to see people use what you've built and smile because they feel like you solved their problem in a way that brings them joy.

Not only do you want the product to be something you love; you also want to love the team you work with. You want to feel like every single person adds something to the team, that you can rely on them to help you grow, and that you can help them grow. You want to work with people who are constantly learning, and get fired up when they have a problem to solve regardless of the domain.

-- If you're thinking YES! then please reach out :)

We're an early-stage startup looking to change how businesses everywhere interact with their financials. There are a ton of problems to solve, and we're looking for great people to help us solve them. As an early engineer on the team, you'll play a part in shaping not just the software, but the whole company. We're looking to build a great product first and foremost by building a fantastic team.

About Runway

🏗 Why Build Runway? The way we look at financials today hasn't changed in over half a millennium. It doesn't just predate computing, it actually predates the popularization of negative numbers. We truly feel that there is an opportunity for a rethink.

🛫 What is Runway? Runway is a SaaS product that helps you and your team understand your business so you can make better decisions together. Unlike other financial software, Runway is designed to be a consumer-grade product for normal people who aren't accountants, and is fast, intuitive, and social.

Runway reinvents how business financials are presented through modern design and engineering. By bringing clarity, power, and speed to financial data, we help every team become more aligned on the entire business so they can collaborate to make better decisions, faster.

🧮 Problems Runway is Solving Problem 1: Today, valuable financial data are trapped inside Excel, Quickbooks, Netsuite across the finance team, so it can take days to get any meaningful insight from financial data. - Solution: Runway is a 10X-100X faster way to get insights from business financials. Through a simple but powerful rethink of how you interact with your financial data, we give operators the power to mold and share their financial data in a way that actually matches their mental model. In summary, Runway helps in Understanding the Business.

Problem 2: With financial data and insights pulled manually, strewn across dozens of Excel files and Google Sheets, teams don't have a consistent view of the business and where it's going. - Solution: Runway is fundamentally a social product, like Facebook for your Finances. We help leaders distribute responsibility for the expenses and revenue of the company throughout the company, so that everyone on the team can act like owners, with the same context that the business leaders would have. Thus, Runway helps in Aligning the Team.

Come join us! We're hiring! 🙋‍♀️

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Company Culture

Culture is extremely important to us, and we hope it is to you too.

Our Cultural Values: 🚀 Accelerate (Moving Fast, Continuously Improving, Going the Distance) 🪄 Create Magic (Build Magical Experiences, Craft Magical Stories, Begin with the Ending) ⚔️ Invent Together (Active Listening, Invent New Solutions, Disagree and Commit) 🤝🏾 Trust by Default (Assume Good Intent, Trust Proactively, Being Trustworthy) 🙇 High Standards, Low Egos (Unreasonably High Standards, Humility and Self Awareness, Putting the Team First)

You can read more details about our Company Values on our Careers Page:

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