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SafelyYou develops computer vision AI technology which improves care for patients with dementia.

Injury from falling is the leading cause of hospitalization for individuals with Alzheimer's disease, and SafelyYou reduces both the frequency and impact of falls (80% fewer falls demonstrated in top peer-reviewed medical journal, JMIR). SafelyYou spun out of UC Berkeley's AI Research Lab, one of the top 5 AI research groups in the world, and our team consists of top AI talent and experienced entrepreneurs from UC Berkeley, Stanford, and DeepMind.

We're looking for talented individuals eager to make a far-reaching, positive impact. Learn more about what we do from our founder and CEO George Netscher:

About SafelyYou

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Why join us?

  • Far-reaching positive impact: Alzheimer's disease is the 6th most common and single most expensive disease in the US, and it only represents one form of dementia. Dementia affects 1 in 6 people over 65 and one in 2 over 85. Falls are the leading cause of hospitalization in dementia care, individuals with dementia fall roughly twice as much (4 times per year in managed care), and falls in dementia care cost Medicare over $5b annually. With peer-reviewed and published results showing an 80% reduction in the number of falls in managed dementia care, and pilots signed or requested from the largest senior living providers in the US, Canada, and Japan, you will have the opportunity to make a tremendous positive impact by working with SafelyYou.

  • Work with top 1% performers and learn from the best in AI: Our founding team is composed of individuals from the Berkeley and Stanford AI research labs (top research groups in the world). The CEO is from the group that developed Caffe, Chief Architect is previously of DeepMind, and top AI faculty remain on the founding team and Board of Advisors (Alex Bayen, Trevor Darrell). We are happy to make a commitment to you to spend 1 hour each week talking about AI and helping you grow in this area if you can make a commitment to us to deliver and grow an amazing web platform over the next 2 years. Other members of the team are top 1% performers in their respective areas (previous founders of companies, leaders in clinical care).

  • Become an early stakeholder: From just the pilots with the largest providers in the US, Canada, and Japan, our company has $100m in revenue opportunities. At $100m, our company would be worth $1b (this is the point where most companies used to go public). We obviously need to do a lot of things right between now and then to be able to execute on the potential revenue generation in solving this enormous and growing problem. Our solution is very general (the core IP is in real-time detection of rare events in video). We apply it specifically to fall prevention today, but it also addresses the 2nd and 3rd biggest concerns in memory care and more generally solves many problems for caring for the cognitively impaired beyond those with Alzheimer's and dementia. We expect to give a significant equity stake for this important role to properly compensate for the high level of responsibility and autonomy required.

Engineering at SafelyYou

Engineering team and processes

The current engineering team is broken up into AI and Systems: The AI team is currently composed of 3: 1 PhD level and 2 masters level. The systems team is currently just the CTO (he is CTO because he's an extremely gifted systems engineer) and we are seeking to add you to this team.

You would work most closely with the CTO but within the same framework and sitting directly next to the AI team. The whole company works in 2-week sprints in which we meet every 2 weeks to show off the amazing work we've done to each other and plan the next 2 weeks. This includes the engineering team, product team, and care team today. You will also work closely with the product team (one person full-time and a contracted designer) to design key features, then you will have full responsibility and autonomy for developing the feature and pushing it to production when ready. We use Pull Requests on Github for reviewing code and issue tracking, Jira for communicating and prioritizing task lists, and Slack for chat. Different people work different hours depending on personal preference (ranging from 7am starts to 11am starts) which we are highly comfortable with once high levels of trust have been developed.

Technical Challenges

1) How to lay the foundation for a web platform that supports various stakeholders (managed care communities, families, clinicians, etc.) and many applications which are not necessarily known today. This includes needing to spend time thinking about whether a specific problem being solved is really part of a more general solution already in place or which should be developed. Our core IP is very general and we need a web platform which can grow with the many applications it could support.

2) How to most efficiently build on existing building blocks to develop frameworks which feel familiar to many developers. We want to develop a foundation that grows not only with the needs of the customers but also with the need to hire and grow the team. This requires putting thought into developing frameworks which would allow for new team members to be quickly on-boarded with familiar tools and readily available tutorials.

Projects you might work on
  • Your first priority would be building the new pages required for Q1 product launch. The key pages are already in place, but we could still use a page with the overall statistics from an individual care community, etc.

  • Your second priority and longer-term priority would be developing the right foundation for the web application. In these early days, it's critical that we develop a scalable foundation to support adding future pages and growing the application to support many functionalities and potential stakeholders in the future. With this foundation in place, you would work with the product team to roll out updates to existing pages and grow the application to support the many different ways our company can support the cognitively impaired.

Tech stack

Working at SafelyYou

We value people who are intelligent and hardworking, representing the best in their particular area. We value the ability for an individual to take ownership of a problem with an incomplete definition and deliver an intelligent solution efficiently and with relative autonomy. We value people who are interested in impact over financial returns and have grown a culture defined by top 1% performers who are interested in making a far-reaching positive impact with their work.

Perks & benefits
  • Free Food

    Free snacks, fruit, candy, coffee, tea on site. Discounts to restaurants in the area.

  • Flexible Hours

    Engineers usually start between 9-11am, but we don't have hard rules. We value building trust in each other and then care about productivity in whatever form that comes most naturally to you.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical and dental coverage at silver level 100% paid by the employer for you. If you want higher coverage or coverage for your family, you only have to pay the difference (this is also negotiable and has been negotiated in the past)

Our Team by the Numbers

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