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$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

At SageSpot we are building a subscription-based social media platform that enables people to connect and pursue their passions through interest-based communities. Our mission is to change the way we interact in the digital world.

Legacy social media platforms have failed users. They have created chaotic shared spaces and connections not based on shared passions. This has made impossible for people to discuss and engage with their passions in a meaningful way in the digital world. SageSpot is changing this by basing user connection on shared interests and centering shared spaces on communities of people with proven shared passions.

Content creators of all sorts have also been failed by legacy social media. In an increasingly digital world they have been forced to share their expertise and their work without fair compensation in a race to keep up. SageSpot is changing this too by enabling content creators to natively share their content in personal communities where they decide their worth.

If you are as passionate about these problems as we are join us and help to change the way we interact in the digital world.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We've recently completed a funding round of over $2 million led by Khosla Ventures.

  • We've signed our first creator to the platform and have significant contacts with creators across more than a dozen industries.

  • We are a product company so our engineers have a large voice in product design and new features.

Engineering at SageSpot

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team operates on weekly cycles. At the start of each week we meet to discuss task/feature priorities, time estimates, and task/feature assignments. Throughout the week we demo features as they are completed. Engineers typically work directly with our CTO/CEO to spec a feature and then drive the feature to completion individually. We use Gitlab for project management and source control management. We use pull requests to review each other's code. All our engineers are expected and empowered to push well-tested code to production through our CI/CD pipelines.

Technical Challenges

We are building a social media platform that needs to support many concurrent users. As a part of this we need to deliver to our users vast amounts of user-created media (VOD, images, rich text) and provide user-to-user connectivity (text and video messaging). Also, as a platform that creators can run their business on, we collect, analyze large amounts of user data and present meaningful business insights gleaned from that to creators.

Projects you might work on
  • You would get to work on our extending comment system (architecture and implementation) which powers the meaningful discussions core to our business.

  • You would get to work on our React based responsive, progressive web-app.

  • You would get to work new features like user connection/friending from design to implementation.

Tech stack

Working at SageSpot

We appreciate a scrappy and driven attitude - someone that understands that as a startup we have to move quickly to survive. We love when people are vocal about improving our product and think about the user first.

Diversity and Inclusion

As a young company still building our team hiring is important and we work with each of our employees individually, including all our hires, to build a welcoming, inclusive culture. We listen and incorporate each person's ideas as we go.

Perks & benefits
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Beautiful Office
  • Pet Friendly
  • Company Retreats
  • Health Insurance
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Relocation
  • Generous Vacation

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