51 - 100 employees
< 10 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series b

Saucey is bringing the alcohol industry online. We are an on-demand delivery platform specializing in age-restricted products (alcohol). We have the best selection of wine, beer and spirits delivered to your door in under 30 minutes. We manage our own fleet of couriers, focus on meticulously fast delivery times and courier optimization. Unlike other services, we operate on a 1-to-many delivery model where one courier may be performing a route or batch of multiple orders at one time. This helps drive our cost of delivery down and improve courier efficiency.

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Why join us?

  • Recently closed a major strategic investment to expand nationally

  • We are about to scale our business to 5x revenues in the coming months through city expansion

  • We are working on opening up our Delivery platform to 3rd parties via API

  • Constantly doing fun activations (like surprise deliveries from celebrities)

  • Featured as a partner with Mapbox

Engineering at Saucey

Engineering team and processes

We work in a typical Agile scrum with 2 week Sprint cycles. We adhere to daily stand-ups and Scrum rituals, presenting our work to the company in our Sprint reviews accompanied with a Sprint drink of the team's choosing. Engineers work directly with each other to translate business needs into technical tasks each Sprint cycle in planning. We'll create technical documentation, discuss implementation strategies in story times, and always work closely with our product owner and other team members to ensure we're delivering on time and as close to requirements as we can get. We have a formal Scrum master that supports our team in every way she can.

We have automated build pipelines for all areas of development, including our mobile applications and strive to automate as much as possible. A continuous integration environment always runs a suite of automated tests before deploying any production code. We strive to try to get the best monitoring and profiling tools to evaluate any diagnose any problems with production code. We are very mindful of key metrics that we track as a team like average response times, error rates, crash rates, and conversion analytics.

We are usually releasing updates to our mobile applications on a bi-weekly basis, and deploying production code daily to our web apps and micro-services. We believe in results over dogma, functionality first, fine-tuning second, code reviews, TDD, linting, and killing feature creep the moment it rears its head. Our company highly values its engineering team and their feedback on business initiatives so you always have a say in the direction we're heading. Above all, we believe in personal responsibilities and trust each person on our team with a lot of autonomy. Our CTO works to shield the team from unnecessary distractions and fosters a highly collaborative environment.

Technical Challenges

Saucey performs a high volume on deliveries utilizing about 10-15% of the size of the current players like DoorDash or Postmates. We achieve this through centralized pickup points, so our couriers always know where to go, and limit the delivery are to manageable regions that supports batching and route optimization.

We manage our own proprietary delivery platform from the mobile applications for couriers, to the back-end service that power those applications, to web dashboards that allow our Operations and Customer Service and teams to manage daily operations.

Projects you might work on
  • You would help migrate our infrastructure to a Kubernetes based architecture

  • You would help expand our 3rd Party API, ensure up-time, and scale infrastructure depending on workload

  • You would help to create a multi-region deployment, allowing our platform to scale nationally

Tech stack
iOS Development
AWS Lambda
Elastic Search

Working at Saucey

We allow people to get to work without a ton of managing overheard and unnecessary meetings. We really value people that fully understand our product, and deeply care about improving any aspect of the business they come into contact with. We allow people to fully own their area of expertise and operate on a pretty flat hierarchy. We let the best ideas win, encourage healthy competition between teams. We also value personal and professional development and will happily send you to any conference you think would benefit you. Above all we want people to have fun here, operate a relaxed environment with no shortage of reasons celebrate a birthday, work anniversary, or big company milestone (drinking is also allowed on the job ;)

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited vacation days

  • Free Food

    Weekly meal options voted on by the company, snacks available in the office at all times

  • Gym/Fitness

    We'll cover up to $50/month of your gym of choice

  • Travel

    We travel to new markets we open

  • Beautiful Office

    Our office is in the heart of the Melrose District, a ton of food options within walking distance, plenty of bars and cool shops to see. We have an open floor plan with an upper outdoor balcony where we encourage people to work from whenever the sun in shining (300 days/year in SoCal)

  • Pet Friendly

    Hope you like dogs ;)

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We encourage people to go to a conference whenever they can, our CTO recently spoke at Mapbox Locate in LA.

  • Flexible Hours

    Usually the office comes alive around 10a, but we will work with you to accomodate any commute or family obligations you might have.

  • Health Insurance

    Full Health, Dental, and Vision insurance is provided

  • Team Activities

    Weekly happy hours, movie nights, Friday fibbage, lots of alcohol brands will come visit us to give us a tasting (wine or spirits). We'll also vote on a fun thing to do as a company bi-monthly, recent trips have been to Escape Rooms or VR Experiences

  • Work from Home

    We allow work from home when needed

Our Team by the Numbers

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