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Paying for college in the US is too hard. Students need to figure out what to apply for, when they need to apply for it, and juggle all the archaic applications for everything from scholarships, to government aid (FAFSA/CSS Profile), to state aid, to student loans and Income-Sharing Agreements.

We're going to fix this, and we want you to help.

We want to take advantage of the fact that all these applications ask the same core questions.

That's why at ScholarMe we're building the Common App for financing college. We want automate students' applications to all these forms of aid.

Ultimately, we will guarantee that once a student fills out our master application, we'll get their entire bill paid, period.

It's a tall order. We have lots of work to do and loads of experiments to run.

Why join us?

  • In the past year since launch we've already grown to over 60,000 students using our platform to pay for college. We're on pace to reach over 250,000 students next year.

  • We're raised millions from investors such as Y-Combinator, Paul Graham, and GSV.

  • The problem we're solving is huge and very fragmented but solving it enables millions of students to better afford college and hopefully puts an end to the 40% of students who drop out each year due to lack of access to capital.

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