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Searchlight up-levels conventional references with our verified, automated reference assessments. Our platform provides customized reference forms, contacts candidates & references, handles all follow-ups, and consolidates reference insights - all in one place. Our software enriches and verifies the reference feedback with data on the reference's work history to maximize relevancy and impact.

Current hiring processes are full of missed opportunities. Sometimes, new hires end up not being a good fit and great candidates aren't given a shot. At Searchlight, we believe that more data about candidates can help. We've found that one of the most under-leveraged candidate assessments is the reference check. Employers under-leverage references because the traditional process of gathering references is time-consuming, inconsistent, and painful. And that's a shame, because references have invaluable first-hand knowledge about what it's actually like to work with candidates. This information has the power to change a hiring decision from no to yes.

Ultimately, our vision is to develop unique candidate data profiles to bring together the best teams, and we're proud to partner with people-driven companies like Lambda School, Cobalt Robotics, and Sentry.

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Why join us?

  • We ship code and revenue every week. We launched in January 2019 and already work with over 2 dozen employers like Lambda School and Cobalt Robotics.

  • We raised a large seed round from investors like Accel, Founder's Fund, and Y Combinator. Our healthy runway lets us focus on delighting our users.

  • Our fast-paced, tight-knit team is currently 2 female founders (ex-Google, ex-McKinsey, CS/AI @ Stanford). Our early engineers will have a ton of impact, and are looking for engineers who want to invest in mentorship and continual learning.

Engineering at Searchlight

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team works in 1 or 2 week product development cycles. During our sprint planning meetings, we break down our tasks into broad categories of 1) quick fixes/high priority maintenance 2) feature iteration/expansion 3) brand new features. Engineers work together to come up with the to-do list for the sprint, and are free to pull extra tasks off the list if they finish early. Engineers will spec out the technical requirements with the relevant stakeholders (design, sales, etc), but are always empowered to be the driver of their own projects. We review pull requests on Github. Everyone can and should push to production!

Technical Challenges

We are building our own algorithms to process qualitative and quantitative reference data to identify indicators of future job performance and team success. Our data must be private and secure for candidates and employers. On the product side, our platform services 3 different users (employers, candidates, and references) with a delightful and reliable user experience.

Projects you might work on
  • You would have ownership of full-stack projects, such as our previous overhaul of the end-to-end candidate experience from account creation to reference submission.

  • You would develop our reference analysis engine that works with hundreds of submissions to determine benchmarks for candidate success.

  • You would work cross-functionally with design and sales to prioritize upcoming features and then speak directly with users to gather feedback and iterate.

Tech stack

Working at Searchlight

We're a collaborative team that gets things done. We value proactivity and no-ego. Our founders are twin sisters, and we're naturally a tight-knit team. While we pride ourselves in being scrappy (ask us about the penny parking meters), the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of our team is the most important. We invest where it counts, like having a great office in SF where we spend most of our time, emphasizing physical activity, and taking time on the weekends to recharge.

Perks & benefits
  • Gym/Fitness

    We give our employees $200 a month for any wellness related activity.

  • Free Food

    Team lunches at least once a week, and dinners when we work late in the office.

  • Beautiful Office

    We're located by 4th and Market, on the top floor of the beautiful Humboldt Bank Building. The view is spectacular, and we're close to restaurants, grocery stores, and gyms.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide medical and dental coverage.

  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Pet Friendly

    Please bring your pet(s)! Sadly the team does not currently have any to share.

  • Team Activities

    Help define the team culture and activities! We like to hang out outside of work.

  • Company Retreats

    Every quarter, we choose a new location for an offsite. Where would you want to go?

Our Team by the Numbers

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