Silicon valley
51 - 100 employees
26 - 50 engineers
$50m - $100m funding
Series b

SendBird is the world's leading chat & messaging platform as service. We are a global team on a mission to revolutionize how people communicate digitally. Our platform delivers billions of messages per month to help people connect through the products and apps they love.

We're a Y Combinator alumnus (W16) and have raised over $71M from leading investors including ICONiQ Capital, Shasta Ventures, August Capital, and FundersClub. The company is global with a headquarters in San Mateo (30+ people) and an Asia-Pacific headquarters in Seoul (45+ people).

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Why join us?

  • We are building the most scalable chat infrastructure. We manage over 1B messages per month from 50M monthly active users and support over 1M+ concurrent connections. We face exciting engineering challenges at scale over a globally distributed infrastructure.

  • Chat has become the most engaging tool for communicating in marketplaces, on-demand services, and online communities. Real-time chat increases direct communication between key users, leading to more transactions, higher user engagement and retention, and better conversion to key business goals. Building and maintaining a large-scale, globally distributed chat system is a massive engineering effort. That’s why innovative businesses use our technology. By using SendBird’s API, our customers are able to integrate real-time, massively-scaled chat and messaging into any application.

  • We’re the #1 chat and messaging API and SDK, powering in-app conversation for some of the world’s leading companies.

Engineering at Sendbird

Engineering team and processes

The person will be working directly with and reporting to VP of Engineering - Platform while collaborating with both CTO and other engineers on the Platform team.

Use the simplest solutions and avoid over-engineering: Over the last several years, we have been breaking and rebuilding our product to make it better. We iterate - every line of code that’s written is subject to change. We focus on the problems that need to be solved and write clear code that’s highly readable and efficient. Just as various parts of the code support others, our global team is highly collaborative. “See the forest for the trees and do not try to optimize locally.” As an example, if some part of message delivery system takes 50ms, optimizing your code from 5ms to 1ms is just over-engineering. The second best solution is sometimes the best solution overall.

Endless tenacity for customers: We are here to solve our customers' real problems. We think with creativity and endless tenacity to come up with brilliant solutions. Interesting and fun projects are nice but we prioritize our customers' needs first. We ask ourselves all the time: Who will use this solution and why do they want it? Our goal is to build the world’s best product, and we can only do this when we’ve served our customers well and they’re happy.

Technical Challenges

The core challenge of the Platform team is architecting, scaling and operating servers that handle massive scale of users and messages occurring around the world across different time zones and regions.

Projects you might work on
  • Architecting and developing large-scale WebSocket and Http/2 servers.

  • Optimizing massive real-time databases serving tens of billions of messages.

  • Building a fault-tolerant and efficient distributed messaging system to connect hundreds of servers.

  • Designing and building interesting features that are relevant to messaging such as ML-based profanity filters, end-to-end encryption, voice, video, and advanced analytics.

  • Monitoring thousands of servers in real-time to generate alerts and prevent server outages.

  • Setting up state-of-the-art CI/CD processes to cover 9 different data centers.

Tech stack
Amazon AWS

Working at Sendbird

We have 7 core values that we look for strong alignment from any candidate:

We're Series-B stage company with a strong global culture. We encourage people to be in the office together to share and discuss ideas. We get to know each team better in both personal and professional way in order to build a warm community with a strong sense of trust and belonging.

We are very dedicated to accomplishing our mission, tenacious about building the best product in the market and hitting our growth goals. And we like to have a tons of fun along the way.

Perks & benefits
  • Gym/Fitness

    Subsidized gym membership.

  • Flexible Hours
  • Health Insurance

    We cover 99.9% of medical /dental / vision benefits for employees and 50% for dependents.

  • Team Activities

    Teams have a monthly budget for fun activities and happy hours.

  • Transportation

    Commuter benefits.

  • Work from Home

    Flexibility to work from home.

  • Relocation
  • Workshops/Conferences

    Learning & development budget (covers things like classes, books, conferences).

  • Other

    $500 to optimize your work-desk and environment

  • Free Food

    We provide a fully-stocked kitchen and team lunches.

  • Generous Vacation

    4 weeks paid time off.

Our Team by the Numbers

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