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$2m - $5m funding

SendOwl is a platform for digital goods checkout and delivery. We help our users add a checkout flow to their websites and automatically facilitate digital goods delivery on the back end.

Why join us?

  • We're profitable, and growing fast (5% MoM recently, and >20% YoY for last few years).

  • We're a small, close knit team where everyone has a seat at the table with ceo (former Stripe).

  • We make it dead simple for SMBs to monetize digital goods. And thus, we help people earn a living or augment income.

Engineering at SendOwl

Engineering team and processes

We're a small remote team, open to new ideas though resistant to change for change's sake. Rails monolith, enthusiastic about automated testing but pragmatic. We lean on feature flags and are guided by merchant feedback when building out new features.

Technical Challenges

We have a large, ageing codebase that needs improved without causing disruption. While that in itself is a big ask, we also have to continue to support our merchants and continue to make SendOwl a desirable choice for merchants.

Some of the day to day challenges can come from the high volumes of traffic we receive from a high number of source. Quickly identifying abuse is important as often what appears to be abusive behaviour is just a very good day for a merchant!

Thousands of merchants rely on us for their livelihoods and balancing resources to ensure all merchants are getting their moneys worth is key.

Projects you might work on
  • The SendOwl UI (marketing site and merchant dashboard) while stable and usable are starting to show their age. To that end, we want to renew the SendOwl UI to bring us more up to date. While upgrading the marketing site is a more straightforward project, the merchant dashboards and checkouts will require a more careful approach.

    There's a great chance to streamline the merchant dashboard to help our merchants work quickly and get out their way however it's also key we maintain familiarity to avoid overwhelming our support team.

    The dashboard also has a large number of features which have been built over time, rather than designed with a deliberate overarching theme. Unlocking broad concepts will be key to making sure that this UI upgrade is an actual upgrade and not just a basic reskin.

  • Our Infrastructure is tried and tested, but also doesn't make best use of recent tools that can help scale on demand. Currently we can scale in a mostly-automated process, however that is a technical process that take a little time to spin up so is best suited to known upcoming traffic rather than relieving pressure of an unexpected launch.

    Further, as we see evolving usage patterns from our merchants, there are real opportunities to improve to make better use of our hardware, specifically about how we manage and schedule background tasks.

  • As SendOwl has grown, there have been missed opportunities to reduce the friction of the day to day management of the application. SendOwl is spread across multiple servers which resulted in pain when debugging some issues. In those cases we have to collate logs from multiple servers, combine them and then investigate which became very time consuming.

    While we did introduce some tooling in the form of local scripts to do the heavy lifting, switching over to a centralised logging service (logstash, kibana) not only made log spelunking much easier, but allowed to interrogate those logs to generate live reports.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Working at SendOwl

High integrity. Scrappy. Act with urgency while being very thoughtful. Helpful. Family-oriented.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home

    Fully remote team

  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited PTO/sick days

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    Generous policy alongside unlimited PTO policy

  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible Hours

    we care about productivity, and being reachable during business hours.

Our Team by the Numbers

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