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We're knowledge management for the modern workforce.

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Why join us?

  • Massive Market Opportunity & Early Validation - There is an acute need in the market for solutions that help minimize the cost of data fragmentation across SaaS applications. With the modern knowledge worker using about 13 apps to get their work done daily - we are strong believers that business lack a single source of truth for valuable company data. Does everything about a customer live in my CRM? Where can I find the right version of the 2019 Brand Guidelines? We spend almost 10 hours a week - on average - searching for, validating, and recreating content.

    Our fundraise was oversubscribed in it's infancy and we are currently looking to onboard more beta customers than we can handle - hence the need for talented people like you!

  • Proven Founding Team - Our founder and CEO is former founder and CTO at Pictela, a platform that pioneered HD streaming technology for advertising. The company was eventually acquired by AOL where he spent 3 years on the executive, and then joined another well-known NYC startup called Simulmedia in the Big Data space. There he was responsible for building a 60+ person team of PMs, Data Scientists, and Engineers. He has been through company lifecycles from infancy to exit and is well versed in fundraising and management.

  • Great Investors - Our thesis on fragmentation is one that was met with unexpected excitement in the venture community. Why? Everyone agrees that the growth SaaS apps at work is actually having a detrimental effect on workforce productivity. Often labeled within the investment category of future of work, our investors include marquee names like Avalon Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners.

Engineering at Seva

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team is small and lean, and we plan to stay that way for the foreseeable future - our thesis is to hire great engineers who can own significant portions of the stack as both an architect and engineer. Our expertise ranges from Python, DevOps, JavaScript to Data Science, Product Design, and analytics.

Technical Challenges

We deal with 3 fundamental technology challenges:

1 - Building and maintaining a performant, API-centric product in which working with 3rd parties (i.e. Google, Salesforce) are core competencies.

2 - Building and maintaining a high performance, reliable data pipeline with metrics, logging, scheduling, built in.

3 - Normalizing data across today's most commonly used SaaS applications in a way that enables true knowledge graph creation.

Projects you might work on
  • Build an API endpoint or system that would distribute scheduling hundreds of millions of calls per day while respecting throughput and bandwidth limits.

  • Implement a high performance in memory key-value store to maximize cachability of API calls to offload unnecessary data source calls.

  • Accurately be able to uniquely identify a single user across Google, Slack, Salesforce, JIRA, Box, and others in order to provide robust cross-platform search experiences.

Tech stack

Working at Seva

We are a small, friendly team. Culture to me is about maintaining a high level of trust and accountability across the team - but keeping an unwavering approach to personal respect. As we often say at work, we win as a team and we lose as a team.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    We have unlimited vacation. Simply put, we are a close knit team who work on the principle of trust.

  • Beautiful Office

    We are located in the heart of Union Square in New York City. Our office is part of Work-Bench, a bustling community and fund consisting of today's top enterprise software startups.

Our Team by the Numbers

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