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Showcase enables HR teams to discover sales jobseekers using short-form video as the first touchpoint. People - not resumes - do the selling, and Showcase lets you meet them before you meet them. Candidates use self-recorded video to show off their sales skills and personalities from the get-go. We’re democratizing the discovery of sales jobseekers.

Too many jobseekers and companies get bogged down with resumes and applications when filling a sales position. Showcase engages the user from the start to create a more genuine experience for everyone. Instead of sterile pedigrees, companies get an intimate look at a diverse pool of quality applicants.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, the Showcase iOS app leverages powerful recruitment and curating techniques to provide fast, thorough and real evaluations of sales candidates. We connect the right jobseeker with the right job in no time flat.

Showcase is headquartered in New York, NY. Join us in our mission to have no jobseeker left unseen.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Ownership & Upward Mobility:

    Since you'll be on-site engineer #1, you'll start out spending 80% of your time coding but will have the opportunity to grow with the company into an C-level role if that's what you desire. Did we mention full autonomy?

    While you could get this at many pre-launch startups, we also have over a year's worth of runway, derisking the position.

  • Exciting Engineering Challenges:

    Our mission is to have no jobseeker left unseen, so you’ll be championing the effort to solve a complex engineering problem at the confluence of computer vision, microexpressions and speech analysis.

  • Market:

    We live in the US staffing market, which is over $120B in the United States, with brick-and-mortar players having rakes of >25% and relatively little tech proliferation. The industry is fragmented, with the biggest player having <10% of market and ~150 firms generating $100+ million in revenue each. Share is ripe for the taking and the unit economics are some of the best.

  • Pre-Launch Phase:

    The product is already in development and slated for public launch in July. After spending time ramping with the current development team and codebase, you'll be spearheading our technical roadmap and iterating live based on further user feedback. This is a dynamic role where you'll be thrown into the fire and will have the chance to own further product iterations.

Engineering at Showcase

Engineering team and processes

We currently have two engineers and a UI/UX designer, all remote. We start by having a quick call to prioritize features based on their utility vs. hours required, and for those that make sense, we quickly mockup wireframes and start building. We push new code into production on Wednesdays and are not currently using sprint methodologies. As our first on-site engineer, you'll have the ability to provide feedback and refine this process per best practices you've experienced.

Technical Challenges

We're architecting our solution and structuring all of our data in a way that allows us to match the right jobseeker to the right position using machine learning. Note that our data set is proprietary and much richer than keywords or social profiles. Happy to disclose details when we speak via phone but would prefer not to share here.

Projects you might work on
  • You'll be shipping new features from Zeplin assets based on user feedback - for example, modifying our database and developing UI elements for a feature that allows us to assess cultural fit based on how an employer ranks the key traits they're looking for in a sales hire (ex. large contract size).

  • You'll translate business logic into algorithms that optimize for equality & fairness in jobseekers being delivered to employers, on the basis of views/impressions and later based off of employer-side training data.

  • You'll research and ideate in our machine learning efforts and help attract the necessary talent to make our proprietary dataset maximally predictive.

Tech stack
iOS Development
React Native

Working at Showcase

We value someone scrappy, who wants to take ownership and build a best-in-class product in an antiquated market. You should be a jack of all technical trades and also want to play a role in product and business logic. A true all-rounder.

You're onsite engineer #1, and that comes with clear positives and negatives. Positives: 1. Your responsibility will increase exponentially as you ramp 2. You can take initiative and build features that are most productive autonomously 3. You'll get to implement new tech around computer vision

Negatives: 1. In the near-term, you'll be working with a done is better than perfect mindset, which means not all of your code will be optimized for scalability 2. You won't spend more than 33% of your time on a single language or framework 3. Not every project will be seen to completion since we are dynamically evaluating benefits and costs

Perks & benefits
  • Beautiful Office

    We're in NYC's TriBeCa neighborhood, just three minutes from the Hudson River which has a gorgeous promenade to take team meetings. The neighborhood is located far from the chaos and has gorgeous architecture and good food. The offices have a lot of light.

  • Company Retreats

    Some of our team is in Europe, so we will visit once a quarter to bond on a personal level.

  • Flexible Hours

    We optimize for productivity and NYC can be chaotic, so there aren't hard and fast rules here. On days where you don't have anything pressing to work on, please don't hesitate to leave early and spend time enjoying this amazing city.

  • Team Activities

    We will be eating lunch together everyday that it's feasible to catch up and talk about the business. We'll also go for walks on the promenade and can incorporate team members' hobbies into company-wide activities.

  • Health Insurance
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