Simple Habit

11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$10M - $25M Funding
Series A

Simple Habit is an award-winning app for daily stress relief.

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Why join us?

  • Simple Habit is more than a meditation app. We are dedicated to disrupting the mental wellness industry, a space far bigger than meditation. Netflix changed the way we watched TV. Spotify changed the way we listened to music. Airbnb changed the way we travel. Simple Habit is changing the way people manage self-care and self-improvement.

  • In just 2 years, we’ve scaled our platform, inviting 100+ experts to join our community and launching 2,000+ sessions for specific situations and moods. We’ve grown 10x to $5M in ARR with a small team and strong organic support. In the last year, Simple Habit raised $10M Series A round and grew from a team of 5 to 20.

  • Life is full of challenges - work, breakups, infertility, marriage problems, addiction, terminal illness and more. We’ve built a platform that gives users access to a variety of world-class meditation teachers, therapists and executive coaches. In turn, these experts are creating original content to address specific needs and help millions of people around the world to live better.

  • Simple Habit is backed by Foundation Capital, YCombinator, NEA, and a handful of prominent Angel Investors.

Engineering at Simple Habit

Engineering team and processes

We have a 2-person engineering team in charge of three platforms as well as the backend APIs and infrastructure. We work closely with our product manager and designer to define the roadmap and spec out the features. Our sprint is normally two-weeks long and will result in a mobile app update or web deployment.

Technical Challenges

Building data pipelines to study user behavior in content consumption and in turn build better recommendation engine to guide user through our vast library of meditations; Revamp web frontend to provide experience tailored to web users; Scale our backend infrastructure to support the tremendous growth of our user base; Optimize the workflow in our mobile apps to help users form habit of meditating daily.

Projects you might work on
  • Build a recommendation engine and related dashboard to test out various algorithms and visualize the results.

  • Work with product manager and designer to push the iOS app forward in features and optimizing its workflow.

  • Study user behavior on web to see how it is different from mobile and use the result to build an unique web experience.

Tech stack

Working at Simple Habit

At Simple Habit, we believe in....

SELF CARE - Taking time for self-care should be encouraged, not stigmatized. We take care of ourselves so that we can perform our best.

INTEGRITY- We are always honest, ethical and fair. We are open and transparent, even with delivering bad news. It is unacceptable to take shortcuts that compromise our values.

DIVERSITY- Disagreements and diversity of thought are welcome. The quality of our decisions is dependent on the quality of debate. It’s important to understand other people’s perspectives in an effort to gain a new perspective and improve.

At Simple Habit, we values....

GROWTH MINDSET- We grow 1% every day We embrace humility. We are always looking for ways to learn from each other and the world around us. We are willing to admit failure and ask for feedback.

OWNERSHIP- We each have the power to make our company better We are all owners of this company. Every single one of us. We help each other, even if the task isn’t in our job description. We make it our responsibility to shape a better future for our company and world. We are proactive, we don’t wait for someone to tell us what to do. We hold ourselves accountable. It's never someone else's problem.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited vacation and sick days

  • Free Food

    Catered daily lunches

  • Flexible Hours

    Most of our team works in the office from 9am-6pm but we encourage flexible work hours

  • Health Insurance

    We provide medical, dental, and vision coverage

  • Transportation

    We provide a transportation stipend of $50 monthly to help with commuting costs

  • Gym/Fitness

    We pitch in toward your gym membership or favorite yoga/spin/TRX class

  • Team Activities

    We have happy hour each Friday and monthly team outings

  • Beautiful Office
  • Pet Friendly
  • Workshops/Conferences
  • Work from Home
  • Other

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