Senior Front-End Engineer

New York • $130k - $200k • 0.05% - 0.05%


Role Location

  • New York


  • $130k - $200k
  • 0.05% - 0.05%


26 - 50 people


15 W 18 Th St Ste 7 A
New York, NY, 10011, US

Tech Stack

  • Java
  • Spring
  • React
  • Redux
  • Node.js
  • Elastic Search
  • AWS

Role Description

We are looking for senior front-end engineers to join our team of talented developers that share a common interest in distributed backend systems, their scalability and continued development. You will build the front-end microservices that power our application, scale highly distributed systems, and continuously improve our engineering practices. Above all, your work will impact the way modern commerce works.

What you will do

Be a technical leader, mentor, collaborator, and champion of best practices. Architect, design, develop, deploy, and operate high-performance React microservices. Be a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional agile team. Participate in code reviews, retrospectives, and lunch-and-learns. Work out of an incredible Union Square office in the heart of Manhattan..

Who you are An experienced technical leader with a degree in Computer Science. Proficient in JavaScript, React, Node.js, and modern Web presentation layer tools, frameworks and technologies. Expert in domain-driven design and distributed systems. Take pride in your craft and understand what it means to ship high quality code. Bonus points if you are good at ping pong or Super Smash Bros. (We take that stuff seriously here)

About Skubana

Powering fulfillment, inventory, and business intelligence for the world's greatest brands, Skubana is the cutting-edge SaaS technology transforming commerce operations. Simply put, we are the Operating System of Commerce that runs the backend of modern retail. If you have recently bought something on Amazon or a Shopify website, there is a chance your order might have been fulfilled through Skubana. If you want to know the magic behind how modern commerce works from the moment the checkout button is clicked, you have come to the right place.

Take the last time you bought something on Amazon. If the brand you bought from on Amazon is using Skubana (very like that they are!), your order would flow into our platform among thousands of other orders from other sales channels that brand is selling on, such as eBay,, Shopify, etc.

Skubana might detect that the warehouse from which your product was supposed to ship from is out of stock, and route your order to the next geographically-closest warehouse to you. If you had ordered multiple products, Skubana would automatically split that order, and route each portion to the appropriate fulfillment center.

Skubana would then rate shop in real time across FedEx, UPS, DHL, US Postal Service, and apply the cheapest shipping rate for the brand, but still within the time delivery window you had requested at time of your purchase.

Using machine learning algorithms, Skubana would continuously replenish that brand to be optimally in stock, while also calculating their profitability for the product you ordered, down to the fraction of a penny.

All of this happened in a matter of milliseconds.

Welcome to Skubana, the Operating System of Commerce.

Company Culture

We are a group of rockstars serious about our work, but not so serious when hanging out. We genuinely love being around each other, during and after work. Words simply cannot do justice to how much fun, camaraderie and more fun we have here, but we do hope one day you will get to experience it for yourself.

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