11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
Private funding

We automate Instagram and Facebook ads for eCommerce companies

Why join us?

  • Very profitable. Multi million dollar run rate. Increased revenue by over 2X this year.

  • 94% test coverage. We pay down technical debt. It's not something we say. It's something we actually do.

  • You get to work with the latest and greatest technologies. Our original app was written in Polymer on the front end and Rails 4 on the back. Currently we are running Angular 9 on the front end and Rails 6 on the back. As you can see, we use the latest technologies and you won't be stuck monkey patching old stuff.

Engineering at Snappic

Engineering team and processes

We work in 2 week sprints.

At the beginning of the sprint we start have cards with broad ideas. We spec them out into user stories and score them out.

Our cards are more detailed than most teams. We explicitly state out all acceptance tests in if... then... format and write out each step.

When cards are ready for review, engineers record a screen recording in the interface where they walk through all acceptance tests listed out in the card. This ensures that the features and functions actually work in the interface.

All new code is also code reviewed by another engineer.

Our Kanban flow goes: - Create user stories for these cards -> - @engineer please score and spec these cards -> - Card approved to begin -> - In progress -> - Ready for Code Review -> - Ready for PM Review -> - Please deploy to production

There are no deploys to production on Friday or right before people go on vacation.

Technical Challenges

We handle millions of background jobs. There is a lot of enqueueing and dequeueing jobs. It is a system with true scale.

Projects you might work on
  • Integrate automatic image cropper to allow users to automatically crop their ads for native IG Stories placement.

  • Predictive ad results. Figure out what the lag time is for purchase attribution on an average customer is so that we can predict what their results will be moving forward.

  • Video processing to automatically process videos for both 4:5 Instagram Feed placement and 9:16 Instagram Stories placement.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails
Azure Cloud

Working at Snappic

We are fair and live by the golden rule. If we say that we will do something we do it. We also expect the same in return.

There is no kombucha on tap. There is freedom and trust. We give you the freedom to work wherever you want and trust that you will get your work done.

There is no burn out. We check in and see how you are doing. If there is high load and it is temporary, then it is temporary. If it sustained then we work to get more resources on board.

We think twice before calling you in on the weekend or working late. At the same time though, if a server goes down and you are on the beach over the weekend, we will politely call you and we expect you to get to laptop.

Examples of excellent company culture:

Our people stay. Most engineers at other companies are in and out in 12 months or less. Most of our engineers have been working for us for at least 2 years.

Our account managers are the same.

One was living in SF and wanted to move to Virgina to live in a farm. We encouraged that. Another one was in Okalhoma and wanted to move to North Carolina to get more in touch with nature and be closer to her family. We encouraged that too. We gave them the freedom to work from wherever they wanted and trusted that they would get the job done.

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours
  • Team Activities

    Every year we fly everyone in to a single location and spend a couple days together with a company retreat.

  • Work from Home

    We are a completely remote team.

Our Team by the Numbers

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